Sustainable Living on a Small Farm
the Permaculture Way

This website is your guide to sustainable living success. Here you’ll find valuable information resources on setting up a sustainable lifestyle plus the right equipment to do it .


Step by step we are creating a self sufficient lifestyle on a small farm near Perth, Western Australia and share with you: what we are doing, how we are doing it, and why we are doing it!

We are preparing for a changing world.

Escalating rates of diabetes and other auto-immune diseases attest to the fact that it's getting harder to find safe food these days. GMOs, chemical additives and modern treatments to extend shelf life have rendered most commercially available foods unsafe for human consumption! Simultaneously climate change threatens shortages of water and food, and increasing natural disasters. Small-scale sustainable organic farming and self sufficiency is the only real hope for weathering the changes ahead.

Permaculture ...

…is the design science specifically aimed at establishing sustainable living environments for people. We use it to plan our farming system, and show how you can do it too, whether on a farm or in a backyard.

Whatever your situation, begin to live simply now!

Simple, frugal living can free you from the rat-race, and yield resources for setting up your self sufficient lifestyle. We share our tips for frugal living, and small business ideas for farm and home-based entrepreneurs. Regardless of how the future unfolds families downshifting to a simpler life can reap more authentic happiness with superior lifestyle, health, nutrition, social enjoyment, and security, while healing our ravaged planet.

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Permaculture: Join the Revolution!