13 June 2017. Costa Rica Organic Farm + 2 Houses + 8 Buildable Lots $875,000 USD

by Rebecca Wheeler
(Heredia, Costa Rica)

Main House

Main House

Main House
Hiking Trails
Walking Labryinth
Organic Medicinal Grade Herbs + Plants

Located in a Blue Zone mountain area on Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula, 35 minutes to the Pacific coast, exists a magical piece of paradise for sale by the owner. (I am assisting her with online tasks)

For the past 23 years the owner has applied her experience, energy and passion cultivating the land from monocrop (coffee) and cattle grazing to that of organic, hugel culture and perma-culture farming.

The farm has served as a refuge from a busy, professional life allowing 6 months of the year to follow a passion of gardening, being in nature and hiking. It was never intended to be an income producing property. The potential, however, for utilizing as a research/training center or a tourist or food producing related business or an alternative lifestyle community will be recognized immediately.

With the help of local family farmers, with whom owner has a symbiotic relationship, they have shared the knowledge of organic/permaculture and plant-based medicinal applications. The property is rich with healthy soil, organic produce, fruit trees, an apiary and medicinal herbs,plants. There are also numerous flora used for elixirs, teas and balms. Additionally,the owner has planted 1,000 indigenous trees. Wildlife is prolific.

Three structures are on the property:
~ a charming 3 bedroom/ 1 bath house w/2 terraces
~ a fully appointed guest house(kitchen, bath,living)
~ a large, secure shop with bathroom facility and expansive terrace

A special walking meditation labyrinth was designed above, surrounded by primary forest. And miles of well-maintained hiking trails throughout.

Water: an artesinal source of tested for high purity water flows through the property; there are also catch-all holding tanks. This has proven to produce what is needed for the farm; the opportunity exists to supplement with hook-up to city water, if needed.

Across the road and included with this property is a parcel of gently sloping terrain with 8 to 10 build-able lots. These would be ideal for a small co-op of private homes, vacation rentals or as a low-imprint hotel. The various lots offer majestic views of either the Pacific coast or mountains. Electricity for this part of the farm is currently available at the entrance on the frontage road. Water could be either brought from the artesinal source across the road or via community water.

There is so much to share about this amazing place that a book could be written. And there is a website available with photos and videos for those interested. Please send an email to: rebewheelatyahoo.com for more info.

The time has come for the owner to pass the stewardship of her organic farm on to a like-minded person or group. Asking price is $875,000. No financing available.

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