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Alternative Living News. Food Forests, Chicken Powered Permaculture
May 07, 2013

Great to get in touch with you again, sorry it’s been a while.

News from Our Farm

The themes of this issue are Food Forest and Chicken powered Permaculture!

P.S. We are changing the name of the ezine to “Fantastic Farms News” so look out for the next issue where we will talk about our latest adventure of growing mushrooms!

Chicken Powered Permaculture

I’ve written an article on the myriad ways chickens can power Permaculture systems.

One of the many examples we look at is how to set up a food forest using chickens and a movable electric net fence powered by the sun (you can buy them in Australia here).

Planting time again

The rains have finally come and the long, hot, dry summer here in the south west of Western Australia is over. Which means… it’s tree planting season again!

Following on from the success of the first swales established in 2010, we put in another 3 swales last year and planted them to fruit trees plus support species. We made a food forest!

They are doing great, so this year we are putting in even more, all tough species well suited to our mediterranean climate.

I have propagated a lot of the fruit trees myself. For example, I took cuttings of the ones already here to make baby pistachio, pecan, apple, mulberry, pomegranate, and fig.

I couldn’t find any hard-shelled almond trees to buy (they are all paper-shell which is just too easy for our native parrots to raid) so just before Christmas I bought some hard shell almonds still in the shell in a bag of mixed nuts from the supermarket. Put them in the fridge with peat for 6 weeks, and was elated to find most of them had sprouted and could be transferred to pots outside. All are growing well. We also collected acorns (mostly cork oak) from a park in the city, and I have recently planted those into rip lines up and down hill of our swales.


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There’s also a more comprehensive resource available here on permaculture food forests of the west coast US. It’s so big I can’t load it to my free ebooks site, but you can get it here.

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Well that’s it for this issue! Chicken newby? Learn how to keep happy, healthy productive chickens.

To your sustainability!

Graeme and Meg

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