The People Behind

We are dedicated to helping people establish sustainable living on small farms.. or wherever you are!

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About Meg Howe


I first tasted small farm life at the age of 13 and have been hooked ever since.... the family fun of making sauce from our own tomatoes, pressing grapes to make wine, waiting for chicks to hatch, picking deliciously sweet fruits straight from the tree, and feasting on peas in the garden.

But, like most teenagers, I didn’t take much interest in how it all came together. So while I was a qualified Veterinarian by the time I started looking for my own small farm 20 years ago, there was a lot I didn’t know. Luckily, soon after, I stumbled upon Permaculture which helped me get a firm grip on efficient, sustainable, and productive property design.

However, I still needed to learn hands-on skills to put good design into action! So I reskilled in Landcare, working professionally in the field for several years while putting it all into practice on my own small Permaculture farm in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. Soon I began designing Permaculture systems for others, and have since worked in Climate Protection, Cleaner Production and Sustainability Education.

Now, supported by our home based businesses, we have a new small farm in Perth hills that we are setting up from scratch, and will be sharing our experiences and information with you every step of the way!


About Graeme Young

I was raised in rural New Zealand and have fond memories of picking fresh fruit and making jam with mum. Now seems a great time to return to the fresh clean air and freedom of living on acreage. In my twenties I bought my first small acreage where I raised sheep and cattle and planted a lot of trees, while building a pretty nice house with my own hands out of materials no one else wanted.

As a youth I completed an apprenticeship in electronic engineering and am now turning this expertise to supplying alternative energy equipment and information.

At present on our new property we are building a large workshop in straw bale, and soon after that a house, incorporating a lot of recycled and restored old windows, timbers and other materials.

I’ll be setting up the house as a fully operational alternative energy showcase, and plan to develop new ideas and teach others how it’s done by showing and sharing.

And I sure am looking forward to sitting on the verandah of our house and looking out over our beautiful, productive farm!