Any one running their car on water?

by Peter
(Melbourne Australia)

Just curious.

I read quite a bit about running internal combustion engines on water/petrol (gas) mixtures. Has anyone actually done this and found it as useful to run a vehicle as it is on straight petrol (gas)?

Your experiences would make for great reading.



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Jul 10, 2010
running on water combined
by: Graeme

Hi, I have restored classic cars all my life and I remember an Alvis car I owned that had water injection into the inlet manifold. It was an add on to the engine and I have seen more than one. This was in New Zealand so could have been an add on available there.
Does anyone remember these?
The car was about 1955
cheers Graeme

Apr 19, 2010
engine water
by: vester

Back in the 60's I knew a couple of people that tried something like this. One swore by it, and the other swore at it. Then in the 80's I knew a guy that routinely used a small spray bottle of water to spray a mist into the engine intake to "clean" the engine of carbon build up. It made a hell of a black cloud come out the exhaust, so it did something, good or bad I couldn't say, but he never seemed to have engine trouble.
I hope no one brings up that fake engine/hydrogen peroxide scam again.

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