Are most grocery stores a scam?

by Robert Bradford

Grocers put milk, eggs and bread at the back of the store to make us walk through other products in hope we will buy something else on which they can turn a profit.

1. Internet businesses rely on traffic.

2. You offer free ebooks which are a wonderful resource for most of us.

3. You give us the passcode in red so it will not work with copy/paste.

Dr. Meg wrote:
"Free eBooks


Now and then someone who can’t get into our free ebooks (because they are careless and don’t enter the password EXACTLY AS SHOWN?) accuses us of operating a scam!

Since the definition of a scam is “an intentional deception made for personal gain”, and we make not a red cent out of offering these free ebooks, it is a little hard to see their point…"

I for one thank you for the time and effort you put into offering us free ebooks.

Robert Bradford


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Sep 03, 2011
Groceries and ebooks
by: Keith

Store managers are trained to arrange their stores to get the most traffic through the "junk" and high profit items. ebooks, free or not are both the boone and bane of book format information and entertainment. On the one hand the book can be had instantly via internet connection. Also there is no tree material used to produce it, so it might be considered a green option except for the batteries used to power the device are most assuredly not bio degradeable, and are a hazardous waste.

As for the ebooks offered here they are a greatly appreciated resource. And I also thank you for allowing us access to them.

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