Are My Little Chickens Boys or Girls???

by Katrina

Our frizzle chook 'twinkle' has had 11 chickens - they are almost 3 months of can you tell which ones are roosters and which ones are hens?

Some have darker combs and some have 5 toes....



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May 26, 2010
by: Jacki

I've found that the tail feathers, once they come in, are a dead giveaway, along with the pinker, larger combs. By about 6 weeks, the boys will have longer, curved feathers in their tails. It's a tough one, though, with different breeds. Sometimes they've fooled me, and I count my hens before they're fully feathered!

Feb 20, 2010
sexing chicks
by: Jon White

Hi Katrina - the colour of the comb is not supposed to be an accurate measure of sex, however I have found it to be extremely reliable. In my experience, the roosters combs go red before the hens and tiny little wattles appear on the roosters before the hens. Roosters are usually a bit bigger by the 3 month stage (but that's not as accurate as the colour of the comb, as far as I have found). 3 month old roosters will usually be a bit more boisterous and show some boyish behavour (chest raising).
Good luck - hope there's plenty of hens.

Jan 12, 2010
Here's How to Sort the Boys from the Girls...
by: Meg

Hi Katrina

There is info that can help you sex your chicks on this website here.
Hope you don't get too many roosters (or like Frizzle-pie!).

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