DIY Bio Diesel Processor:
Make Your Own
Home Bio Diesel Kits

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Is it hard to make your own bio diesel processor?

Well, not if you know how to drill a hole, and connect pipes.

If you do, then you can save big bucks with DIY bio diesel kits and plans.

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If you can’t, don’t despair!

There are a lot of good, reliable bio diesel plants available that you can buy either ready to assemble or ready to use.

So, which option is best for you?

General Considerations for Choosing Bio Diesel Plants

Safety of Bio Diesel Kits

Methoxide feed part of bio diesel processor

When assessing home biodiesel kits – whether DIY or ready-made – safety must be your biggest concern.

Methoxide feed part of biodiesel processor.
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When you make your own bio diesel, poisonous gas (methoxide) as well as heat is given off in the mixing of catalyst and alcohol stage of producing bio diesel.

So, unless ventilation is excellent, and you aren't too close to affect your neighbours, it is important that the container chosen for mixing this is properly sealed so that no toxic fumes escape.

Accurate temperate control is also vital at all stages of the process, not only to ensure it results in a successful batch of biodiesal, but also to avoid exceeding the temperature at which the alcohol (usually methanol) combusts.

Bio Diesel Processor Capacity

Home bio diesel kits and plants come in a range of yield capacities. So before buying one you should work out how much you will need to produce to match your requirements, and how often you are willing to make biodiesel.

Obviously, the bigger the capacity of biodiesel conversion kits the less often you would need to make up a batch.

Making Your Own Bio Diesel Processor

Home bio diesel processor wash tank

With a reliable step-by-step guide to follow, building your own bio diesel kits is a safe and viable option. However, when it comes to safety, the buck stops with you!

Home made biodiesel processor wash tank.
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Your DIY home bio diesel generator will only be as safe and reliable as the quality of components and attention to workmanship that you have put into it!

So follow the home biodiesel kit instructions to the letter in both construction and use of the plant.

Off-the-Shelf Bio Diesel Processors

Bio Diesel Processors

Biodiesel Processor.

Expect to pay from $1800 to around $3000 for simple but cost effective bio diesel plants.

While there are some excellent biodiesel home kits constructed of industrial grade plastic on the market, stainless steel tanks are more expensive but safer simply because they won’t burn if there’s a fire.

Also remember that ready-made bio diesel plants will cost more to buy and ship than those that come as home biodiesel kits and need to be assembled by you.

Then there’s the upper end of the market…

Some biodiesel fuel kits are fully sealed units (no toxic fumes) made with stainless steel components and high grade woven biodiesel hoses where you just put the ingredients into the right places and press a button – the whole process is managed for you. Of course such units are going to cost you a lot more!