Breeding Chickens: Small Business Ideas for Farms

Thinking of breeding chickens on your small farm? There has never been a better time to do it!

Keeping back yard chickens has become a massive movement sweeping through cities and suburbs from the UK and USA to Australia.

Food security and frugality has people turning in droves to raising chickens in the city.

And why not?

Hens are the ideal, low maintenance pet that is cheap to run and provides eggs, entertainment, manure and weeding services to name a few.

Market Research on Breeding Chickens as a Business

In Australia, companies that sell egg-laying hens reported a 70% jump over the last year in suburban home owners buying chickens. This market is still growing steadily.

Since starting 12 months ago, backyard chicken business City Chicks, for example, has sold over 2,500 birds.

The trend has been mirrored in the UK and also in the US, where grass roots organizations have been successfully lobbying to overturn city ordinances outlawing raising chickens in your backyard.

As the trend continues in response to rising food prices, with the average suburbanite being allowed to keep up to 6 hens (e.g. in Brisbane, Qsld; Missoula, Mont.; and South Portland, Maine).... the potential market is massive!

Most of these back yard chickens keepers are raising chickens for eggs. However, local by-laws for most suburbanites preclude the keeping of roosters.

So, if no-one in the suburbs is breeding chickens, where will all these hens come from? You guessed it - from small farmers like you!

Among possible small business ideas farm ers on small holdings can successfully undertake, raising or breeding chickens to supply this growing market looks very promising.

Some Small Business Ideas Farming Chickens

Breeding Chickens to Sell Fertile Eggs

I know a lady who has been selling fertile chickens eggs for several years. She has a range of popular breeds and gets $25 a dozen. This little hobby nets her up to $675AUD a week. Not bad for a few hours work a day.

The beauty of breeding chickens for fertile eggs is there’s not a lot of work to do. Apart from looking after your breeding stock, the rest is simply taking orders and posting off the eggs.

Selling Day Old Chicks

You could also take that dozen eggs, incubate them and then sell them off as day old chicks.

Many customers prefer raising baby chickens, giving them the extra handling that makes for great chickens as pets.

The advantage to you is that you don’t need to feed them for weeks, or to have as much pen space as you would if raised them longer.

And it's easy to strategically mate so that you can tell the sex of chicks at hatching, and so guarantee people buying chickens that they are getting what they want.

Breeding and Raising Chickens to Sell as Youngsters

Closer to home, I recently sold several six-week old Australorp chicks from the first “experimental” batch of eggs I hatched in my incubator. People were very happy to pay $20 each for the little pullets, and $10 for the little cockerels.

As I spent about $2.50 each on them for food, it wasn’t a bad return! And adding economies of scale and buying food in bulk would have cut costs significantly.

The costs and work involved in raising baby chickens is a bit higher, but then so are the returns. That same dozen eggs that my sister sells for $25, could easily make $100 as young chickens, after feed costs are considered.

How To Succeed the FIRST Time at Breeding Chickens for Profit!

If you are serious about starting a business breeding chickens, then you need a credible information source aimed precisely at teaching people like you the ropes.

And here it is…

Chicken Raising Made Easy was written in 1943 to skill up average small holders to become competent chicken farmers.

Produced by the US government agricultural department, the book was part of a serious effort to boost homeland food production in the face of shortages during WWII.

Addressed specifically to small-flock owners...
...this eBook walks you through, in sequence, every job involved and every decision which you have to make as a small chicken producer.

It covers in detail:

• Production and maintenance costs.

• House plans for laying flocks and brooders, and directions on how to build them.

• Specific directions for controlling parasites and diseases.

• Helpful how-to-do drawings illustrating solutions to every technical problem faced by small scale poultry producers.

Whether you are a beginner or not, Chicken Raising Made Easy will answer all questions vital to the raising and care of chickens.

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