Bulgaria, Vraca/Mezdra region, Oslen Krivodol. 9500 pounds

by Cen
(Oslen Krivodol)

A small holding / permaculture opportunity doesn't get much better than this. A realistically priced, acre plot, clean, quiet and secure.

We found this plot whilst developing an organic honey business. Its location being ideal for a small scale, clean bee forage operation.

It commands stunning 360 views whilst offering complete seclusion provided by our natural, living, perimeter system. This linked with the established plum orchard and various other fruit, nut trees, shrubs and bushes (Inc. Oak, mulberry, walnut, hazelnut, honey and black locust), has been developed to provide a very dynamic poultry/bee forage environment.

The large barn provides enormous space for all your mulching, livestock needs and like all the other buildings on the property has large basement storage areas lovingly built from local stone. The other two properties offer excellent opportunities for restoration enthusiasts, whilst also have been updated to provide immediate living space. The main house having been tested in both summer and winter by my family and I, including our 2 year old daughter. The large communal space and mudroom meeting all necessary needs. Mains water, electricity, kitchen, dining, sleeping, shower and compost toilet. A grey water irrigation system currently disposes of all kitchen, shower and washing machine water. The mudroom offering additional storage, food preparation/processing and essential welly changing room.

On site we have tested the soil and below the good stuff is perfect adobe clay material- just mix it with fine straw and water and your away, its amazing. The property is also blessed with an abundance of natural building stone. If you've ever fancied cob, adobe building this is the place. Having already secured building permission for all the land you can build where ever you like.

Our location in this quiet and friendly village is on the high ground surrounded by public grazing pasture and dense wooded land. One of our near by neighbors ( who speaks perfect English) raising wild horses.

Regarding neighbors - only one. An old couple living the authentic Bulgarian life - also providing a daily supply of sheep and goats milk.

A beautiful, hidden and quality tested spring provides our potted water supply, just 50m away from the main house.

Electricity bills for us have been in the region of 2 pounds a month. Water is less.This includes our washing machine and tool usage - amazing!!!

Regular buses travel the newly surfaced road and we are actually on the main train line to Mezdra, Vraca and Sofia. The pretty little station being a wonderful 3 km walk out of the village.The road is kept open all winter and the track road up to our place is in the process of renovation - a big plus.

We have started earthworks on the gently sloping, SW hillside. The terraces, small swales, flat and sloping areas providing opportunity for both food production, forage, building and water storage. All our growing research indicates a great environment for a real diversity of annual and perennial planting. And our newly built kitchen garden/outside living areas have been a wonderful addition to the immediate house /base area.

One side of the land backs onto established, mainly oak and locust forest and we've always thought this as additional forage for a pig or two.

The land whilst providing our kitchen needs also presently yields an abundance of both wild and cultivated herbs and flowers. Too abundant to name individually but we were amazed at just how many. Its been wonderful.

Regarding the village amenities - it has a post office, local shop working every day and a mayor hood. All very friendly and easy going. For most stuff Mezdra is 20 mins drive away and Vraca, for everything you need, is around 30 mins. Vraca is a stunning Town with a Mediterranean feel - modern cafes, bars, and restaurants.
Here are all the large shops and supermarkets, hospitals and schools. The Vraca reagion is also famed for its climbing, paragliding, rafting, caving and walking.

We are moving because our business has grown and diversified. We are hence passing on a truly amazing opportunity for those wishing for a real and cheap change as we did.

We will be on hand and will guide you through all legalities. Pass on our observations and help where ever we can to help in the relocation process.

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May 30, 2017
by: Kim

hello there,
i bumped into your lovely house in oslen krivodol! and i am in love! is this still for sale? you can always send me a message at kimfruyt@yahoo.com.

friendly greetings

Jun 30, 2015
by: Anonymous

Please contact me bentley saad @ gmail . com

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