Can You Love a Chicken TOO Much?

by Meghan
(San Diego, USA)

Hello, My housemate and I added two chickens to our family about 7 months ago. They were just little chicks. They are two amazing Road Island Reds. When they were babies we were almost always with them, holding, playing and just being with them, as well they became very good friends with my two dogs (small chihuahua mixes). Everything had been going great. Now in the last month one of my chickens (her name is Red) has become more and more bossy/aggressive. She pecks at us, has broken my skin a few times, once on my nose. Red was always so sweet, so I do not understand where this is coming from.

I have worked a lot with dogs over the years always taking a positive and holistic approach to all situations...but I cannot seem to get Red to be sweet again. Her health is fine, she eats all her food and her treats, as well I have been giving her massage and Reiki every few days (I am a Holistic Health Practitioner). I am just curious if you guys have any other tips for me. I love both my chickens, I call them my feather kids, and I just want to get us on a mutual level once again so we can all be happy and enjoy our living space together.

Thank you, any information is greatly appreciated!

Love and light,



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Mar 03, 2012
You have an Alpha Chicken :)
by: Anonymous

Hello Megan

First off, I agree with Steve, don't treat a chicken like a child, and don't let the pretty feathers fool you, they can be vicious.

I've had the same thing happen to me, where the chicken try to make a chicken out of me.

just like with dogs, I believe you have to exhibit your dominance. I usually yell and scare them by towering over them; if that doesn't work, I'll throw something like a diaper at them. This usually works, particularly if they're kinda young,

But if that doesn't work and they just keep coming after me, and if they've drawn your blood they may never stop coming after you, well that's fine too.

Because they taste great, baked, fried or in soup:)

Feb 08, 2012
Your chook is not a person
by: Steven F

Hi Megan, chickens are not people! Trying to transplant human emotions and reactions onto chooks is just plain weird. Observe how chooks treat each other. They probably don't want to be people and I don't blame them.
Treat your animal with the respect its natural self deserves. If it is pecking you it is probably uncomfortable or doesn't like they way you are treating it. Let it be its natural self and give up on the massages. It will be much happier clucking around in a pen than being treated as a human child. If I was a chook I would probably peck you as well.

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