Caring for beds

by Brandon Burke
(979 Ingram Street Dayton, OH 45402)

Caring for beds

During the year, you will use many different lawn equipment. While you may rent the majority of it, you will also need to buy a few pieces that you can use year after year. One of the most important is a lawnmower.

You will use often and regularly throughout the year, but before storing your lawnmower for the season, you should take a look at several items on which may require your attention. Replacement parts in the fall will make life easier for you in the spring.

If you look at your lawn mower, you must:

Inspect the unit from top to bottom

Change the spark plugs and belts, if necessary

Clean the engine

Make sure the handles are not worn

Lubricating chassis and drive

Fill with gasoline

Oil Change

Check the tires

Cover when you do not operate the mower

In addition to the lawn mower, you should also make sure that any equipment that you also work correctly.

Once you have checked the lawn equipment, you must:

Wrap up all hoses and store them inside

Make sure all exterior spickets are disabled

Any equipment that could rust is placed inside - rakes, trowels, hoes, etc.

Make sure all chemicals are stored safely

Lawn decorations are properly covered

Having a well-stocked shed or garage with tools and materials you'll need is another key component of a healthy lawn. You must have all the following characteristics:











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