Chicken problems - not laying & high death rate.

We have two sets of hens: red Leghorns about 2 yrs old, and Buff Orpingtons about 1 yr old. These are all hens and have been laying well since each group was about 6 months old. At start of last winter there was greatly reduced egg production & now in June we get 2 to 3 eggs from 10 hens. 1 egg is very small and is all whites inside- no yolk. Now we have this wk we have had 1 day when we got 0 eggs. Lost 1 hen to neighbors pit bull breaking into yard & coop & killing her, lost 1 to yolk dropping into ABD. & causing peritonitis. Lost 2 nd hen to peritonitis and had necropsy done, she had a congenital tumor of liver. It was tested and is not the contagious type of chicken tumors. All 3 were red leghorn breed. What can cause egg production to bottom out like this. We will appreciate all input. Thanks. B. Molyneux

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Jun 17, 2014
Effect of Daylight on Egg Production
by: john the lazy farmer

chicken production of eggs, i am not an expert, drops off at time of molt and short winter hours. If you are in the southern hemisphere june 21 is the shortest day of the year so that is your answer.
the factories have light on 24 hours per day to turn them into machines which i do not like.
but , i do have a light go on three hours before sunrise to help production quite a bit.
do not have a light after dark as they are night blind and when it would go off they would be surprised and unable to get up to their roosts.

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