Chickens - what should'nt they eat?

by Elaine


I am in England, Sheffield to be precise and just started keeping a few chickens for fun.
I googled feeding chickens and got banana skins and citrus fruit as no no chicken food.
Anybody out there think this is right/wrong and are there other things I should not feed them?
Elaine Bird (yes 'Bird' is right!)

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Jun 10, 2010
Chickens - what shouldn't they eat?
by: Scozza

Our chooks seem very happy with household scraps, including meat scraps (other than chicken). They also love a warm porridge in winter time. So far the only thing they seem to turn their noses up at is onions. You will find that some food will be far more popular if it's cooked; for example we microwave potato skins for a short time & the chookies love them (-:



Jun 08, 2010
If they don't like it they won't eat it
by: Steve

Hi, my family has kept backyard chooks for four generations and all this time they have been fed kitchen scraps supplemented with grain. Everything goes in the scrap bucket (apart from meat products) including banana skins and citrus fruit with no ill effects to the chooks for the last 100 years. If the chooks don't like something they won't eat it.
I suppose that if they were forced to eat a lot of one particular type of food (banana skins for example) it might not be good for them but it wouldn't be too good for us either.
Our chooks pretty much eat what we do, although we do keep the best bits for ourselves. They get the peelings and scraps and love it!

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