Clean and refurbish hot melt glue systems

by john perkins
(stellenbosch, western cape.)

I am a retired UK citizen now resident in SA. While in the UK i ran a company cleaning and refurbishing hot melt glue systems. This was a niche business which as far as i am able to establish does not exist in SA or Africa itself.

With the cost of replacement parts for these systems, cleaning cuts it by half enabling them to be used over and over again.
Due to my age i no longer have the will or energy to set the business up again but i see it as an opportunity for a keen entrepreneur to create a niche business and corner the market. You will see adverts on the internet from companies claiming that their liquid products will clean the systems. I can tell you they do not and the only sure method is the one i employed which is quite specialized.
I would like to pass all my knowledge onto someone keen to set up a unique business that will be without competition.

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