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by Peter

Hello Graeme and Meg,

Piston model was accepted as gift to the people of Australia in 2007 by Kevin Rudd, and since then Governments have been in opposition to its use due to its not requiring Coal or other Fossil fuel for heating needs.

Should the operating temperature be above +33* C then a hydro turbine is employed not a gas turbine as CO2 behaviour then is
liquid despite being a gas.

The vertical shaft as sent is mainly pump and generator application.
Horizontal shaft is different layout same parts and used in transport etc..

The turbine is Francis as CO2 above +33*C behaves as a liquid. This is
commercial pressures rather than the domestic pressures where the CO2
remains as a gas/liquid.

The device will work on any gas including air, though in some cases a gas
turbine is needed in place of a hydro turbine.

American NASA provided Patent on CO2 Refrigeration and DaS Energy converted
the Einstein fridge to energy converter by replacing the restrictor valve
with a turbine.

I have attached pics, one a basic engineering generator and the others CO2
pressure chart.

There are piston assist turbine generators also, and much other means of
taking the CO2 through its hot cold cycling.

All are complete construction by cut and weld of pipe, this includes the
turbine and boiler return pump.

None are for sale but free to copy.

The principal of operation follows the fridge engineering where the
Refrigerant is heated or compressed to a high pressure before passing
through a waste plate that strips its energy and sends it cold.

Ideally compressors should not raise any Refrigerant heat above +100*C.

In order for the engineering's to send the CO2 cold it must be hotter than
Dry-Ice -40* Celsius. Hence the staring heat of -30*C.

Wattage using a 82% efficient turbine is 720 watts for each litre flow per
second at 9 bar pressure. Wattage increases by heat or volume per second.

Stainless Steel is preferenced in construction as it handles all heat
application and pressures.

A one litre turbine at 60 RPM and heat loading of 0* Celsius produces 2,200



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Oct 08, 2014
Turbine construction
by: Anonymous

For those wishing to do home construction, a hacksaw and welder are needed!

Sorry drawings wont paste. But cut a pipe in four then weld in odd number the bits to a pipe of the same size. This then fits neatly into a pipe of twice the size.

Oct 02, 2014
Turbine type
by: Peter (Australia)

In the picture the turbine is a gas turbine for use with CO2 that is below +33*C.

Above +33* CO2 eccentric behaviour has its gas behave as a liquid. Known as Supercritical C02

Any other gas uses gas turbine alone, however CO2 needs a gas turbine for below +33*C and a hydro turbine for above +33*C.

Hot gas enters the turbine as a driver force, revolves the turbine and then passes out into the expansion chamber where the Archimedes screw is drawing a vacuum.

Home built models have a little water added as it seals the screw intermittently. The water circulates without problem.

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