Creep feeder for chicks

by Robert

Starter crumbles are too high in protein for layers and layer pellets are too

high in calcium for chicks.

A milk carton or 2X4 welded wire work fine when the
chicks are small enough but they soon outgrow both.

A creep feeder is made with 8 X 8 X 16 cement blocks with two holes and a waterproof lid will work until the chicks are weaned if the hens are large enough to find the holes in the
blocks impassable. The layer pellets can be hung out of reach of the chicks.

This sounds too simple but I wish someone had shared this with me way back when!

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Jun 10, 2011
LOVE Your Updates
by: Allyson

Hi! I really like reading your updates (sorry for your loss of the chick) I really hope you keep posting!
If your really into sustainable-living, you might be interested in this film being made on the subject.
The info on it can be found here:

I hope to read more posts soon!

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