DIY Greenhouse the Easy, Cheap Way:
Starting a Greenhouse from Scratch.

Looking for a cheap, easy way to DIY greenhouse? If you ever wanted to build a backyard greenhouse, now is a great time to get started. And starting a greenhouse is very rewarding. Learn how to make a greenhouse the cheap and easy way and source plans for cold frame greenhouses, PVC greenhouses and more right here.

Are you ready to take gardening to another level where your imagination and creativity are not limited by convention or climate? Then read on!

The Easy Way to Build a Cheap Greenhouse

When you are on your first mission to build a backyard greenhouse, it’s sometimes a good idea to start off with a cheap greenhouse build rather than one demanding a big investment.

PVC Greenhouse DIY Greenhouse

Be warned however – though you only need very basic skills to build an inexpensive greenhouse out of cheap materials like PVC and plastic sheeting, your structure might struggle to meet the rigors imposed by your local weather conditions.

See, for example, what a few inches of snow can do to a simple hoop designed greenhouse >>>>

DIY PVC Greenhouse for $50 in 10 Easy Steps

Here’s how to make a greenhouse cheaply using PVC pipes for the framework and some timber to provide support at the base, end walls, and doors.

1. Use timber that is either treated or painted.

2. You can use schedule 40 one-inch PVC pipes to make the hoop ribs as well as the central ridge on the roof. You can use 25 foot PVC lengths to make the ribs for a 14 foot wide greenhouse. Reinforce the structure by using the same PVC pipe to make purlins running the horizontally along the greenhouse on each side. For best results, position the purlins half way between the central ridge line of the roof and the ground.

greenhouse plans

3. Starting a greenhouse of this kind is accomplished by marking out the area for the base, and pounding in rebars at the corners.

4. Next pound a 3 foot rebar every 4 feet along each long side of your DIY greenhouse structure. Check that the rebars are securely held in the ground, are straight and properly aligned.

5. Now, slide the PVC pipes over the rebars at opposite ends. The number of ribs will depend on the length of your greenhouse.

6. Secure the PVC ribs together at ground level using lengths of timber along each side, drilled and tie-wrapped into place.

7. Fix the side purlins and central ridge to the ribs by aligning in place then drilling holes in each and using tie wraps to secure together.

8. On the end walls, use your timber lengths to support for the door frame by fixing a horizontal beam at door height across the two ends of the outermost rib. Drill through the wood and the pipe and tie with tie wrap.

9. Place vertical wood lengths to provide the support frame for the door. Drive the bottom end of each vertical timber into the ground at least half to one foot. Nail or screw the top end to the horizontal beam. Fashion a door to fit snugly into this support frame to prevent any wind gusts from inflating your greenhouse.

10. Next attach the clear plastic, polyethylene film over the structure using tie wraps or staples. Congratulations! Your first DIY greenhouse is done!

Serious About Your DIY Greenhouse?

how to build a greenhouse

You can get inexpensive plans and guidance to build proper structures including cold frame greenhouses. These include everything about greenhouses from choosing the kind of structure that would suit you best to picking the appropriate utilities and plants.

It’s a wonderful resource that guides you all the way from planning to setting up, preparing soil mix, choosing plants, irrigation, ventilation, heating and cooling, pest management, and harvesting.