Do not force chickens to eat...

by Robert

I have read multiple lists of things that chickens should not eat and no two

agree. When my chickens were free range there were several things in the wild
that they should not eat but unlike humans they know better. They had a
conflict with ringtail bandits, procyon lotor, and lost. A hot fence would help
but my solar charger died and the orchard is too far from the mains and on the
other side if the drive.The chicks have been confined to the coop while I
battle the raccoons. In the past I would mow, bag and add to their orchard. Now
I have to put the clippings in the coop but am very careful to mow around
anything that may be harmful to them such as crown vetch, coronilla varia.

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Jun 13, 2011
Feed the food chain at the bottom
by: Robert bradford

In keeping to my commitment to feed the soil to feed the plants to feed the animals to feed me and mine any predator that dies in the orchard attempting to kill a chicken is buried there. Some breeders open the hide to give the chicks a starting point but my wife does not like cadavers laying about.

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