Do It Yourself Car Maintenance for Dummies
With Car Maintenance Checklist
Car Battery Maintenance, and More…

Looking for a do it yourself car maintenance video that will save you heaps on car maintenance costs? Graeme makes it easy for anyone to service their car and goes step-by-step through proper car maintenance for dummies.

…See and hear a seasoned car buff walk you through each step of proper car maintenance!

It’s like Graeme is right there with you. With this learning method, he almost is! And you can watch the "Do It Yourself Car Maintenance" lessons again and again on any computer or DVD player.

Because for you to gain the skills you need to DIY car maintenance with confidence, you need to SEE and HEAR exactly how to use your tools to get the job done right the first time without any hassles.

do it yourself car maintenance video

It comprises over an hour of clear, step-by-step practical know-how designed to convert anyone (yes, even YOU!) from a complete mechanical newbie, to a competent home car maintenance adept.

Imagine how you will feel when you are no longer totally at the mercy of mechanics any more!
Just $37 plus postage.

***Watch the SNEAK PREVIEW Video below.***

What will you do with all the money you’ll save once you start putting your new auto mechanics skills into practice?

If you are seeking a video that is easy to follow and ideal as an introduction to car maintenance for women, men and people of all ages, this is the one.

Though we can’t turn you into a fully-fledged mechanic, you will be able to prevent a significant number of car problems - before they even become a problem - just through regular, basic car maintenance which we certainly will teach you.

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Video Sneak Preview!

Over an Hour of Hands-On, Practical Instruction

The main video covers basic DIY car maintenance thoroughly, including how to...

• Do an oil change

• Car battery maintenance (on both sealed and unsealed types)

• Car brake maintenance ....and heaps more.

• It clearly shows the safe way to do things with loads of special tips and things to watch out for.

Check Out These Great Bonuses:

This video DVD also comes with these great bonuses:

Bonus Video Chapters:

• How to check, adjust, service and replace spark plugs yourself.

• How to replace blown car head and tail lights and broken lens yourself.

PLUS you also get...

• A basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Car Service Schedule

Auto Service Schedule Stickers:

Stick one inside your car each time you service it, to remind you of your servicing history.

This educational package will allow you to spot a wide range of potential problems in their early stages – while they are still easy to fix yourself - and before they become expensive headaches.

The Perfect Gift!

Do It Yourself Car Maintenance is the perfect gift for young or inexperienced motorists who want to get to know their car better, and will empower all who see it to take charge of their car’s wellbeing.

Help someone you love develop mechanical self-reliance and practical know-how that will benefit them financially for the rest of their life.
Just $37 plus postage!

Do It Yourself Car Maintenance is among the best gifts for guys you could imagine.

Aside from being the perfect birthday gift for him (including the perfect birthday gift for dad) this video is at the top of the best 21st birthday gifts, best gifts for Christmas, and even best Christmas gifts for women.

And why not?

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Anyone can learn how to take great care of their car from this video.

How many young people do you know who would benefit from learning proper car maintenance and servicing skills?

Again, this Do It Yourself Car Maintenance video justifies a place in the best gifts for teens, gifts for a best friend and would make a perfect 21st gift.