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Do It Yourself Gifts
8 Free and Easy Craft Projects to Try!

Do you enjoy do it yourself crafts? They make super do it yourself gifts. If you are crafty you can even earn a great hobby income doing something that you absolutely love.

Through personalized DIY crafts you give a little of yourself in every piece. They can make unique best friend gifts, and the best gifts for Christmas (especially best Christmas gifts for women), the best housewarming gifts, the best gifts for Mothers Day, the best gifts for girls, and of course the best thank you gifts.

Easy craft projects are a great way to have hours and hours of fun. They are suitable for any age or ability and are an ideal way to spend quality time with your kids or your disabled relative.

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8 Easy Do It Yourself Crafts and Gifts Projects

do it yourself gifts

Here are eight simple do it yourself crafts projects to get you started (see below). Try them out!

Even if you never made a thing with your hands, you easily can by following these step-by-step craft projects for any age and ability, and have fun doing it.

Want more?

Here’s 101 Easy Craft Project Ideas.

1 - Quick Bird Feeders


• Pinecone

• Wire

do it yourself crafts pine cone bird feeder

• Peanut butter

• Birdseed


1. Fasten a wire loop at the top of a pine cone.

2. Press peanut butter between the layers.

3. Press the birdseed into the peanut butter.

4. Hang it out in a bird-friendly spot.

5. Watch the birds.

6. Refill as required.

2 - “Leather” Vases


• Lick-on craft paper

• Liquid shoe polish

• Wine bottle

• Shoe brush


1. Tear lick-on craft paper into one-inch squares and stick all over a wine bottle, overlapping slightly.

2. Coat with liquid shoe polish from a dauber bottle.

3. Allow to dry and buff slightly.

3 - Simple Decoupage

do it yourself crafts


• Wrapping paper

• Glue

• Board

• Contact paper

• Ribbon


1. Cut a design from wrapping paper.

2. Glue to a board.

3. Cover with clear Contact paper and trim to fit.

4. Glue a ribbon loop on the back for hanging.

4 - Block Prints

do it yourself crafts

• Use your choice of blocks for printing.

• Use to make notecards, wrapping paper or placemats.

• Use fabric paint to stamp on T-shirts, bags or hats.

Sponge block

Cut a sponge in different shapes (stars, ovals, circles, animals…)

Paraffin block

Cut the design out of a block of paraffin, using chip carving tools, kitchen tools or even Popsicle sticks. Remember that only the high areas will print.

Weather-stripping block

Stick strips of foam weather-stripping on a wooden block. It will bend a good bit for making curved lines.

Fruit block

Cut an apple, pear or lemon in half.


1. Spread poster paint or block printing ink on a sheet of glass.

2. Dip the block into it and press firmly on the paper.

5 - Plastic Flowers


• Thin wire

• Dippity Glass, Fantasy Film or Formafilm

• Florist’s tape

• Styrofoam block


1. Bend thin wires into petal shapes.

2. Carefully dip into dipping plastic (e.g. Dippity Glass or Formafilm.)

3. Stand in Styrofoam to set.

4. Gather 5 or 6 petals, twist together and wrap with florist’s tape.

6 - Recipe for Bubble Solution


• 1/3 of dishwashing detergent

• ¼ cup of water

• 2 tablespoons of sugar or white corn syrup.


1. Dissolve sugar or white corn syrup in warmed water.

2. Add dishwashing detergent and stir gently to mix.

7 - Jeweled Trinket Box

This jeweled box makes unique best friend gifts, and the best gifts for Christmas (especially best Christmas gifts for women), the best gifts for Mothers Day, the best gifts for girls, and of course the best thank you gifts... especially if you put nice-looking jewelry onto it.


• Miniature plastic cigar box or similar.

• Assortment of fancy buttons and costume jewelry

• Glue

• Gold spray paint


1. Spray the box inside and out with gold spray paint.

2. Let it dry.

3. Glue on buttons and jewelry.

8 - Pretty Flower Mini-Basket


• Plain little straw basket (from craft store)

• Lace

• Dry flowers (or artificial flowers from craft store)

• Glue

• Foam

• Spanish moss

• Ribbon


1. Glue lace around basket, starting from bottom.

2. Overlap the second piece of lace over the top.

3. Line the handle of basket with ribbon.

4. Wrap ribbon around the top of basket.

5. Add bows to each side of handle.

6. Cut foam into appropriate size so it fits inside the basket.

7. Put the foam in the bottom of basket.

8. Cover with Spanish moss.

9. Insert dry flowers.

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