Do It Yourself Projects
and Do It Yourself Crafts
for Self Sufficient Living

Do it yourself projects are key to self sufficient living. And you can not only save money through do it yourself crafts but also earn it.

Soy Candle Making Instructions
How to Make Soy Aromatherapy Candles & More!
Working with Leather
DIY Leather Working Craft
and Leather Repair
How to Sew
Even If You Are A
Complete Beginner

We have great resources and information for you on a range of DIY projects from do it yourself auto repair and DIY solar power to DIY woodworking, easy soap making and even battery reconditioning.

Getting a handle on new skills is integral to becoming self sufficient and a great strategy to help you break free of the rat race!

Why pay someone else to do something that you could easily do yourself ...once you have accessed the right instruction?

Skills for Self Sufficient Living

Picture yourself empowered to do these things, and what it will contribute to your family self sufficiency and prosperity.

Do It Yourself Auto Repair

DIY Welder and Introduction to Welding

Do It Yourself Solar Panels

DIY Battery Recondition

10 Simple Steps to Build My Own Shed (plus Free Shed Plans)

DIY Greenhouse

DIY Creative Home Remodeling and Building

8 Easy Do It Yourself Crafts and Gifts

• Make Your Own Candles

• Easy Soap Making

DIY Solar Water Heater
Learn How for Peanuts:
Do It Yourself Solar Water
Manure to Energy
Methane Generator Plans
*Methane from Manure*
DIY Geothermal Heatpumps
DIY Geothermal Heatpump
and Save! Full Instructions

DIY Skills are Survival Skills

Imagine how much you can save by maintaining your car yourself, growing your own food, diy clothes and knowing how to repair stuff rather than running out to buy a new version.

Do it yourself projects can make a big difference to how much you spend. For example, do it yourself gifts or do it yourself auto repair. But they can also build family resilience and ability to thrive and make it through possibly troubling times ahead.

Interested in how to survive a depression?

A lot of people are forecasting impending social collapse on the heels of deepening economic depression. Self sufficiency and survival in such scenarios will depend on a lot more than just food storage.

It also will require that we each learn new practical skills relevant to grass-roots living, that we can use to not only create our own goods and services but also trade and barter with others.

Whatever your motivation for acquiring valuable new skills,
once learnt and practiced they will serve you well
for the rest of your life, as well as helping and
making stronger all to whom you pass them on.

How to Install Crown Molding
Do It Yourself Crown Molding Made Easy
DIY Woodworking Projects
Do It Yourself Gazebo to
Do It Yourself Picture Frames
DIY Sprinkler System
Do It Yourself Sprinkler System and Save!