Does Egg Dowsing Really Work?

by Leanne

I'd like to know more about Egg Dowsing? How do you do it and does it really work to pick the boys from the girls at the egg stage? What sort of success rate can you expect.


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May 26, 2010
Gender bias
by: Jacki

I'm trying to dowse my eggs as the hens lay them, and separate them into boys or girls - and I've heard of both systems, either going in a circle for hens (or roosters) or going straight across.

So, I've decided to use straight across for hens, circles for roosters, hatch out the hens, and see what happens - I'll report back once I see what I get. It would be so great not to have to knock off 4 out of 5 chicks when they turn out to have a crow and a comb!

Apparently, they've used the dowsing system for years in Japan, on an assembly line! I'd like to see that...

MEG: We use the opposite movements. But you can (and should) also ask the pendulum first before you use it ie "show me what a boy looks like". Looking forward to your results!

Apr 19, 2010
Egg dowsing
by: wendy

Well I'm not familiar with egg dowsing but I am used to raising and breeding chooks [chickens]in Australia, so My advise is on the egg shape, pointy looking eggs[at one end] are almost always rooster eggs.Rounded looking eggs are usually hens,hope this helps.

MEG: Interesting notion. Would be good to test that with an experiment!

Jan 12, 2010
Yes Yes Yes!
by: Anonymous

Yes, egg dowsing does work but it's not 100% accurate. We achieved close to 90% success in our little trial of 20 eggs though, so it is worth it. All you need to do is make a pendulum (e.g. using wedding ring on the end of a cotton thread) then hold it over each egg in turn. It usually moves in circles for a female or straight up and down for a male, but it is wise to calibrate it first by "asking" it "show me female", and "show me male".
Good luck with it!

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