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Best Chicken Egg Incubators
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Are some egg incubators better than others? What features should you look for in portable poultry/chicken incubators?

Pros and Cons of Popular Portable Incubators

Buying a small chicken incubator can be confusing...

What incubator features have most influence on the success of your hatch?

We did the research on popular poultry incubators to find out. The results may surprise you!

Should the Chicken Incubator Have a FAN?

Many egg incubators for sale are available without a fan.

From this you might think, as it’s an optional extra, that a fan’s not that important in a chick incubator.

The truth is that poultry incubators without a fan could be a waste of the money and many hours you were planning to invest in hatching chickens.

Here's why...

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Influence on Temperature Control

chicken incubator thermometer

Because, the single most important factor to success when it comes to hatching chickens is maintaining proper temperature conditions!

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A recent trial (by independent consulting engineer, Jim Utzerath of Wisconsin) of popular portable incubators bought without fans (Hova Bator Incubators and the Little Giant Incubator) found that the temperature distribution within the units was so poor that the corners were 4 to 5°F colder than the center.

The trial concluded that “Equalizing the temperature of the internal air with the fan kit can therefore be expected to stabilize either the Hova-bator or the Little Giant substantially.

Influence on Humidity Control

The second most important factor to successful incubation is humidity and, unless your poultry incubator has a working fan, you can’t accurately measure it.

With still air incubators you’re effectively flying blind when it comes to managing this important parameter.

So make sure your incubator is fitted with a fan!


The same trial compared the Hova Bator incubator, which has a crude wafer-style thermostatic unit, with the Little Giant incubator in which temperature is electronically controlled.

It found that temperature in the Hova Bator fluctuated one to two degrees - both higher and lower than the desired temperature - every ten minutes, corresponding to cycling of the thermostatic switch.

It also took a lot longer to recover temperature after the unit had been opened.

The researcher concluded that “The electronic control is clearly superior in this regard.

So get a poultry incubator with electronic temperature control!

Why Should Incubators Be EASY TO CLEAN?

chicken incubator

Because eggshells are porous, germs can easily get in and infect your un-hatched chicks. Infected chicks either fail to hatch or die soon after.

That is why poor sanitation between hatches is a common cause of disappointing hatch results.

According to manufacturers, egg incubators made of foam should not be cleaned with anything other than plain water, and should not be scrubbed.

So how can you get them clean? It is very difficult to restore foam units to the hygienic state necessary to safeguard your next batch of eggs.

So go for a poultry incubator that is easy to sanitize!

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