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Are you getting the most out of your property? At Fantastic Farms farm planning services we use Permaculture design to transform your farm into a productive paradise.

Your property could be doing so much more for you!

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Why We Use Permaculture Landscape Design

In Permaculture landscape design, everything that is included in the farm system is meticulously chosen to be the best option, in the best place, integrated into the whole, for the greatest possible benefit to you.

With proper Permaculture planning your farm will yield maximum self sufficiency for your family, from the least amount of work, in the most efficient way possible.


• Growing your own organic vegetables and fruit

• Generating your own energy

• Drought-proofing your property

• Producing your own milk, meat, fish and eggs

• Making a living from your farm

• Adding value to your property

Whatever your dreams and visions for your farm, our property plans are tailored to deliver.

Mistakes Cost Time, Money and Heartache...

Avoid costly mistakes by developing your property the right way, the first time!

It costs surprising little to take advantage of our expertise, and it could save you heaps.

To Find Out More...

Find out more about our experienced team here, or contact us for more information.


As we are based in Perth, personal visits and consultations are generally only available in the south of Western Australia.

However, we can provide consultations and detailed plans remotely where suitable property maps are supplied.