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Here's just some of what's available:

Preparedness Survivalist Info

* Animal Sentries: Could Your Pet Save Your Life? (19p)

* Latter Day Saints Preparation Manual (222 p)

Free Home Food Crafts Info for Self Sufficiency and Sustainable Living

* Make a Solar Food Dryer (22p)

* Build a Solar Beeswax Extractor

* Build a Home Distillation Plant (78p)

* Build Your Own Blacksmith's Forge (5p)

* 5 Easy Homebrew Tools To Make Yourself

* 10 Steps to Better Extract Brewing

* 2 Basic Hard Cider Recipes

* Healthful Vegetarian Eating (97p)

* How to Make and Use a Haybox Cooker (4 p)

Free Sustainable Building Information

* Build a Gas Fired Furnace (4 p)

* Rewind a Generator to Make an Alternator (4 p)

* Building with Lime Factsheet

* Building with Rammed Earth Factsheet

* Round Wood Timber Framing Factsheet

* Strawbale Building Factsheet

* Timber Building Factsheet

* Guide to Straw Bale Building for Self-Builders

Free Sustainable Water Information

* DIY Wastewater Reedbed System

* Build Your Own Concrete Water Tank

* Build a Cheap Water Purifier

Free Renewable Energy Information

* Ten Things to Know About Inverters

* Biogas Factsheet

* Home Hydroelectric Systems (20p)

* Using water to makeYour Own Electricity (4p)

* Methane–Biogas Production Guide (15p)

* 3-Cubic Meter Biogas Plant Construction Manual (40p)

* Nepal Biogas Plant Construction Manual (15p)

* Biogas Production from Manure (6p)

* DIY Windmill Lesson and Plans (27p)

* Building a Home Made Ram Pump (20p)

* Wood Gas as Engine Fuel(139p)

* DIY Emergency Power System

* How to Build a Hot Air Engine (9 p)

Free Sustainable Animals Information

* Common Diseases of Farm Animals: 1919 reference for stockmen (207p).

* Beekeeping (6p)

* Beehive and Frames Building Plan

* Sustainable Dairy Goats (32p)

* Rabbit Hutch Plans

* Rabbit Barn Plans

* Chicken House Plans

* A Guide to Organic Livestock Production on Rangelands (108p)

Free Sustainable Plants Information

* Dry-Farming: Agriculture Under Low Rainfall, 1920 (110p)

* The Farm that Won’t Wear Out, (37p) Organic soil building.

* Our Farm Of Four Acres & The Money We Made By It, 1860 (48p).

* Make a Cold Frame from PVC (2p)

* How to Establish Annual Pastures (4p)

* A Guide to Using Nitrogen Fixing Trees (12p)

* Perennial Fodders Rules of Thumb Charts (2p)

* How to Establish Perennial Pastures in Perth, WA (4p)

* Aruyvedic Indian Medicinal Herbs (836 p)

* Medicinal Uses of Herbs (35 p)

* Herbal Magick (231 p)

* A Guide to Composting Humanure (big!)

Free Climate Change Information

* Pliocene Map of Project Sea Level Rise Global

Free Peak Oil Information

* How to Prepare for Peak Oil