Garlic and Honey Remedy for Sick Animals

by Ena Mantzouranis
(South Australia)

I have a honey and garlic mix which the older it is the better it is. I give it to my chooks if they seem unwell It hasn't been 100% helpful but I do believe it has been up to 90% useful of what I have used it for. Get a jar, put cloves of garlic peeled in it and cover it in pure honey. We can't absorb all the goodness from the garlic - but honey can and we can from the honey. My best dog got a paralising tick and I used it to get her through it. Also watched it stop disease in chooks years ago (haven't had disease of a late). I used it when I feel sick or get a cold or flu. It can be put on wounds, or down the throat.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic and honey is a healer.
A friend showed it to me years ago, Bev, thank you for that.

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Sep 26, 2010
what a great idea
by: Luisa

Thanks so much for that advice. I have a jar of garlic honey in the cupboard for the family but never thought of giving it to my sick chook.
I think I'll put it in her warm mash. She is not eating much but if I put some in her water too that might do the trick.
Once again thank you for your great advice. I'll let you know how she goes.

Jun 09, 2010
Questions regarding honey/garlic cure
by: Carol in Missouri

I am sure that honey and garlic cures are part of natures miracles! I am curious how you administer the honey-garlic mixture to chickens, humans and also dogs? Do you add to water? Spoonful down the throat? Any help would be appreciated.

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