Getting garden soil ready for planting

by Vanessa

I think there are a lot of different opinions on what to do when it comes to getting your garden ready for planting. I have learned over the years the best fertilizer for a organic garden is manure. Also,lime your soil at least every 4-5 years.

I don't use other chemicals in my garden except for seven dust.

Everyone i know that has been planting gardens for years use small plants when planting season starts except for larger garden they use seeds. I usually buy small tomato,pepper,and other veggie plants. Seed's are good to especially if you save the seeds off of your garden the year before. I have had great results from using my seeds from the year before veggies. If you are going to lime your land do it 6-8 months ahead of planting season.

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Jun 13, 2011
Seven chicks beat Sevin dust
by: Robert Bradford

I agree with most of the above but to be organic I use chickens to eat insects. During part of the life cycle of garden plants they can not survive chickens. At those times a plastic jar with a screw top partly filled with soapy water works fine and you need to be in the garden daily to inspect and tweak it.

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