Goats and skin problems

by Cristina Santini
(Suisun Valley, California)

I have 9 goats, some are oberhasli pure bred and others are black, a mix of nubian and something else.

The oberhasli are sort of brown with some black on them.
This is the first year that they have some whitish fluffy hair on them, like a soft lint, in different parts of their bodies.
I thought they might be changing their coats but it has not happened in the past.
I checked the hair on some of them, and I just noticed a little dandruff but not much.
Any ideas?

Some of the black ones are losing a little hair on the nose but one in particular has a couple of round spots on the face that look raw. It doesn't look like ringworm but it's definitely something.

Will appreciate any input.
thank you,


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Nov 25, 2013
Goats and rough coats
by: Robynne

Hello I recently had a vet out to inspect an anglo nubian who was listless, had a very coarse coat (with fluffy undercoat)and chapped teats. The vet diagnosed 'facial eczema' which was a zinc deficiency that caused the rough coat, sort of dandruff and the chapping on skin areas. I gave her a zinc supplement for 10 days, 'blud' iron supplement and seaweed meal with her daily rations as well as vit b injections. Still concerned but she is slowly improving. Good luck with your goats too.

May 07, 2012
Goats and skin problems
by: Tamika

Cristina - I'd be interested to hear how the treatment went?

I had similar problems this year. Three goats losing hair on their backs and flaky skin. I thought maybe lice (but couldn't see any) or mange (but no scratching or sores). I used Pestene powder on them just in case. I also noticed two of these black goats had a brown colour developing on their coats especially hind legs. I read it may be copper deficiency. So I carefully (as too much can be toxic) gave them a little extra copper and also supplements such as seaweed meal to increase their minerals. They all came good again and have lovely glossy coats now. Although I'll never know for certain what the cause was, for us I suspect minerals were the key.

Good luck!

Apr 10, 2012
Goats and Skin problems
by: Cristina Santini

Thank you Meg. I was suspecting mange. I gave them a good bath with a special soap for mange and lice. I hope it works.

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