Grey grubs in soil

by Justin

The house I moved into had a problem with grubs last summer. There are piles of dirt that I want to use that have grubs in them. From my research, it appears that these grubs will turn into beetles soon and leave the soil and not cause a lot of immediate problems. But, they will leave the soil and mate and lay eggs. The people that lived here before....they got grubs from amending the dirt with horse manure. I guess beetles like to lay their eggs in that type of medium. It looks like the main damage from grubs is after the eggs are laid because they need to eat lots of roots to grow. I was wondering if there is a way to prevent the beetles laying their eggs on soil that smells of horse manure? Thanks!

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Apr 14, 2016
Chicken Tractor
by: im Simpl

i like the suggestion of using birds to eat the grubs. this is win-win stuff, for the birds and your farm.

you can find pictures of these, but a tractor is a simple framed,mesh enclosure that just sits atop the soil, the birds go inside, and this forces the birds to pick at exactly that patch of soil, until you move the cage over to a new spot.

1. imagine you are building a mini church or a-frame bldg, using chicken wire as the roof & siding.

2. build preferably with flexible bamboo or willow branches- or 2inch-by-2inch wood strips , to where the frame sits on the earth with 3-6 feet per side, and about 3-4 feet tall.

3. stretch chicken wire over the frame and secure it. only the bottom is open.

4. very roughly, spread the soil around to make the surface flat and loose.

5. put in two or three birds- make sure they get along! and let them do their thing. it is a genuine pleasure to watch them in action.

6. you will learn to read when they have depleted an area. they strut around kind of unhappy....move the frame with birds, slowly along the ground to the next spot.

7. repeat every day, and start using your cleaned soil, check for grubs, pests etc.

hope this helps. im

Oct 08, 2015
by: Claudia

get some guinea hens , chickens or ducks and let them have at it :)

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