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chickenIf you’re looking for hen house plans, there are some important things you are going to need to consider to ensure that you’re making the right decision.

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With all the different types of plans for chickens coops that are out there, it can get confusing over which one you should be choosing. Once you have a better idea exactly what you’re looking for in your chicken coop plan though, then you can better grasp which one will meet your needs.

Here are the main things to consider when building chicken coops.

Do You Want A Mobile Chicken Coop?

Do you want to have a mobile chicken coop? Many individuals like being able to move their chicken house around with them, either for cleaning purposes or just because they want to watch their chickens when they are inside the home.

Mobile designs typically work best when you have a lower number of chickens due to the fact larger houses are much harder to transport around.

Factor Size into Hen House Plans


The most important factor to think about as you search for hen house plans is how many chickens you are planning to keep.

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If you’re going to be housing six or more chickens, you are not going to be able to effectively keep them in a small sized chicken coop.

Bumping it up to a medium or potentially even large sized coop will really work to your benefit and ensure they are laying their eggs correctly.

Factor Ventilation into Hen House Plans

Moving on, the next step to factor in with your hen house plans is ventilation. If you live in an area that does tend to get fairly hot, you are going to want to be sure you have good ventilation throughout the chicken coop otherwise it’s going to start smelling and the chickens will become uncomfortably warm.

Having the ventilation source will make the chicken coop that much more enjoyable for you to be around and clean as well as that much more enjoyable for your chickens to stay in.

Light Sourcechickens

Third, make sure you have a good source of light for your chickens.


Ideally this would be natural sunlight and you’d choose a chicken coop plan that factors this into the building plans and builds it at the right angle towards the sun.

If you live in an area that does not get that much natural sunlight though or where you are building the coop does not allow for light to penetrate in, then you will want to consider a non-natural light source to keep your chickens happy.

Feeding Set-Up

Consider the feeding set-up you have. Feeding your chickens can turn into quite a time intensive venture if you don’t plan your feeding set-up correctly.

The total number of chickens you house will also play a critical role in how long it takes to feed them each day and how many feeders you should be putting into the chicken house, so find hen house plans that discuss this.

Since your chickens are going need a readily available source of fuel, this cannot be overlooked.

Think About Your Climate

Next up, in order to build the right type of chicken house you need to think about your climate.

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How much rain do you get? What type of temperatures do you typically experience?

All of these will factor in when it comes time to decide what type of materials you want to use while building.

What Is Your Price Range?

Finally, keep in mind cost. When you build a chicken house there are many different things you can do to keep your costs low if you are on a limited budget. In some cases, if you know some quick and easy tricks you might even be able to build a chicken coop for free.

It’s all about understanding what types of materials can be used and then factoring in the cost of building and purchasing those materials if necessary.

So, keep all of these factors in mind. Search for hen house plans for chicken coops that are within your price range and meet your needs. This is what will ensure that at the end of the day you’re happy with the coop you build.