Home Made Biodiesal is Dangerous

by Jeremiah
(Halifax, US)

This website should pull its articles and information on biodiesel. What it is recommending is dangerous for people and and the environment (not to mention the diesel engine).

Please read Bill Kemp's work: "Biodiesel and Beyond."

Note, that he produces biodiesel in a lab and deals safely with the waste stream, not in your kitchen where the waste is flushed down the drain to harm the environment.

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Jun 19, 2014
Benefits of Biodiesal. Just where are you from??
by: Tony

While there are reasonable precautions which should be taken when making biodiesel, it is no more harmful to the environment than making soap (which is a by-product of making biodiesel)
The flammability of Methanol is a hazard which can be easily controlled, even by a small producer.

The by-products of the biodiesel process are:
Soap (from neutralising the free fatty acids in the oil.
Caustic (NaOH or KOH, depending on the process) which was not consumed in the reaction)
Water (another by-product of the saponification of the oil)
(removed from the oil - triglyceride, replaced by a Methanol molecule)

Our Cooperative sends its by-product to a stock feed supplier to be included in their process (and ends up in their final product)

It is also used to improve soils in areas where the soils are acidic or hydrophobic as the caustic reduces soil acidity and the glycerol overcomes the water repellence of the soil.
Biodiesel has a higher lubricity than petroleum diesel, thus reducing wear in injector pumps. Material incompatibility od seals in some fuel systems can be overcome by using different seal materials. Even Common Rail Diesels can run happily on biodiesel (and even straight vegetable oil) providing the engine computer has been set up for it.

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