Homeopathic therapeutics best solution for farm animal health

by Andy

Homeopathy takes a bit to learn, but well worth it. This is the nontoxic and inexpensive way to improve chronic health of flock/herd and deal with all manner of epidemic diseases. Best for self-reliant healthcare of humans on the farm also. Thanks for your fine website. Best - A

Diseases with remedies (some with indications)

1 Marek's Disease
Syn:- Fowl paralysis, Neural & ocular Lymphomatosis
Cause:- Herpes virus(mdv)
Species affected:- Domestic fowl
Paralysis, birds unable to walk & stand Causticum,
Skin thickned by tumours, feather follicles thickened & leathery Calc flour,Calc carb
Iris effected & white appearance Arg nit, Euphrasia
Sciatic nerve is enlarged Kali phos 6x, Kali Sulph 6x

2 Infectious Laryngotracheitis
Syn :- Chicken Influenza
Cause :- Avian herpes gp. Virus
Species:- Main Chicken, less Pheasants
Coughing with blood stained mucous from trachea Aconite, Ipecac, Millefolium
Difficult breathing head extended to breathe Antimonium tartaricum, Bryonia

3 The "vomiting" illness could be a form of the Laryngotracheitis, and could suggest homeopathic Ipecac (this just an educated guess - you must study more closely to come up with the best remedy). Homeopathy indications are based on outward symptoms more than specific dx, but specific dx does also come into play.

4 The below is a possible for the "sleepy" - but via simplicity it is more likely a form of response by a portion of the flock to the same morbidic influence as involved in one of the first two illnesses you mentioned.

Lymphoid Leukosis
Syn:- Big liver disease, Avian leukosis,Visceral Lymphomatosis
Cause:- Myxovirus
Species affected :- Chicks, Turkeys, Pigeon
Birds listless, weakness Kali carb, Ars alb , Alfalfa
Abdomen distended due to enlarged liver Chelidonium , China, Alfalfa
Ovaries, heart & kidneys affected with tumours Calc flour, Phytolaca

Mode of Administration :- 20 ml of medicine mixed with 8 liters of water for 100 birds. This medicated water is shaked well & should be put in the water containers accordingly.

or consult a homeopathic vet in your area
or remotely by phone/internet (try starting here):

see link to list later in this post

To start out, since Meg is a DVM and not reticent - if you obtain a couple of books it will likely not be too difficult to find a remedy for your flock with the specific diseases you describe. You may even be able to do it by studying the overview of homeopathy starting here and reading the intro material on this website:

and then studying the remedies with the aid of a book (or even online resources):








Many clinical books in english online use
by locating above (or googling) the specific remedies and studying their human materia medica, as the symptoms will be similar, though applied to birds. For example, a prominent feature of the homeopathic remedy Ipecac is vomiting (regardless of the named disease - homeopathy treats states of susceptibility and uses responses as indications, though specific causations are of course also important in both determining remedy and in knowledge about the situation).

See this article and book available:
German (english translation) book on homeopathy in commercial poultry farming

This book will probably be good:
New Book by experienced Homeopathic vet in Louisiana USA (is likely to be good on general for your farm, though it is not confirmed that it contains info on chickens)
Homeopathy in Organic Livestock Production
Glen Dupree, DVM

Remedy sources in australia:
Brauer Natural Therapies
1 Tara Rd, (PO Box 234)Tanunda, 5352 South Australia
Phone (08) 8563 2932 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (08) 8563 2932      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax (09) 8563 3398
Email: sales@brauer.com.au
Website: http://www.brauer.com.au

Homeopathic Education Centre
Remedies by mail

Lifespan Australia
Practitioner suppliers

Pharmaceutical Plant Company
24 London Drive
Bayswater, Victoria 3153 Australia
Phone(61 03)-9762-3777
Fax (61 03)-9762-9992
Email ppc1@bigpond.net.au
source of isopathic prophylactic kits


Prahran Online Pharmacy

More Books
The Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine; Containing the Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of the Diseases of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, and Dogs With the General management of Animals in Health and Disease; Edwin H. Ruddock M.D.; Jain Publishers, reprinted 1984.

The Treatment of Dogs by Homeopathy; K. Sheppard; Health Science Press, 1972.

The Treatment of Cats by Homeopathy; K. Sheppard; Health Science Press, 1960.

The Hand-book to Veterinary Homeopathy; John Rush, Veterinary Surgeon; Jain Publishers; reprinted 1988.

A Veterinary Materia Medica and Clinical Repertory with a Materia Medica of the Nosodes; G. Macleod, M.R.C.V.S., D.V.S.M.;, C.W. Daniel Company; 1983.

The Treatment of Cattle by Homeopathy; G. Macleod, M.R.C.V.S., D.V.S.M.;, C.W. Daniel Company; 1981.

The Treatment of Horses by Homeopathy; G. Macleod, M.R.C.V.S., D.V.S.M.;, C.W. Daniel Company.

Alternative and Complementary Therapies in Veterinary Medicine, edited by Allen Schoen, DVM, and Susan Wynn, DVM, PhD. Published in 1998. This 820 page book compiles contributions by veterinarians and scientists, as well as educated laypeople.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals Christopher Day, MA, VetMB, MRCVS

Natural Health for Dogs and Cats
Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD, and Susan Hubble Pitcairn


Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy (AVH)
(founded 1995)
James Schacht, DVM, Secretary
6400 E. Independence Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28212
(704) 535-6688
Fax (704) 535-6669
A non-profit organization dedicated to the support of veterinary Homeopathy through education and research. The AVH offers training to licensed veterinarians in the method of Homeopathy developed by Samuel Hahnemann. Certification is available to those who have completed the course and met AVH requirements. A list of AVH certified veterinarians and professional course graduates is available for $2 with a SASE.

International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy (IAVH)
Dr Jacqueline S Obando, National Secretary
2707 76th Ave SE
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Primarily a European organization. Publishes the International Journal for Veterinary Homeopathy.

National Center for Homeopathy (NCH)
(established 1974)
801 North Fairfax Street
Suite 306
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 548-7790
fax: (703) 548-7792

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA). Carvel Tiekert, DVM, Executive Director 2214 Old Emmorton Road Bel Air, MD 21015 (410) 569-0795; fax: (410) 569-2346 Founded in 1981. The AHVMA has student chapters at eleven US veterinary schools. The AHVMA directory includes some Homeopathic veterinarians (the "H" or "HC" designation). It is available at: ..

Introductory Courses in Veterinary Homeopathy: Christina Chambreau, DVM 908 Cold Bottom Road Sparks, MD 21152 (410) 771-4968; fax: (410) 771-4094 Evening, weekend, and week-long classes in different areas of the country.

MEG: Thanks for all that Andy. Looks like I've got a bit of reading to do! Anyone else able to share their experiences with homeopathics in animals?

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Oct 15, 2010
Users in UK
by: Chris Lees

Thanks for the info about chickens and the other refs. In UK I have been running a course for farmers who want to understand the basics of homoeopathy and to date we have taught 300 farmers. It is always useful to make links with other farmer users and I have had some chicken farmers asking me about specific problems and found it difficult to offer them any real leads, in future I shall suggest they look at your site.

Our official website is www.hawl.co.uk and I am busy constructing a more comprehensive one myself you may be interested to look at.

Chris Lees

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