Homesteading on 1 Acre

by Rebecca
(Clover, SC)

We have an acre of land that we are homesteading on and are desiring to make it as productive as possible. We are going to raise chickens for a start and put in a garden.

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Dec 14, 2011
Just Starting
by: Anonymous

I am a newbie to growing a garden. I always wanted to grow food. My reason use to be for fun. Now with world food shortages it turned economic. I just bought a house. We planted 40 semi-dwarf and dwarf fruit trees in the last 3 months. We are on 1.3 acres. We have 1500 sq feet of garden half tilled. We have rocky soil and now need to double dig. We ordered 15 chickens and in the spring hope to get 2 bee hives. Our ultimate goal is to be off the grocery store grid. May have to go vegan to make it happen? We have nut trees on our property. I have thought about getting goats. Organic, fresh dairy is unbeatable, but milking 2 times a day is intense. I have given lots of thought about growing Carbs. I am Celiac. I am planning on growing quinoa and potatoes in the spring, amaranth and sweet potatoes in summer.I have heard people getting 1/2 lbs of araranth per stock. I made a 90 foot trestle for melons, squash and beans. I hoping this will save a lot of space. The trestle is made with 4*4 is 8 feet tall and cemented in every 10 feet. We thought about getting rabbits for meat but I have to mental work up to the idea of rabbit as food not a pet. I am going to try growing potatoes in bins for space saving. I made 7 strawberry towers out of chicken wire and landscaping fabric. We have 200 plants in the "7" 4 foot towers. It saved a lot of land space. I think that with one acre people could provide at least 1/2 of their food, I am trying for a least 90%. It may take some readjusting not eating tapioca bread and rice but I am excited for the challenge! I think everyone with a yard should start growing! Food prices are just going to keep going up in a world of population growth and high oil prices.

Apr 05, 2010
Keep it going!
by: Bad Axe Bob

Sounds great, keep us posted on your progress.

Mar 27, 2010
by: Piwetz in Arizona

We are on just over 1 acre in the Flagstaff area. We currently have a small garden plot that yields amazing amounts of food. I was getting 5 lbs.(too much) of yellow squash from 4 hills every 3 days. We will not do corn again. It takes up too much space and water, not to mention you can buy it for 50cents an ear in season. 3lbs of green beans a week from a 15 ft row. 10 ft of spinach, 10 ft of swiss chard and 10 ft of radishes(for the greens) fed 14 chickens 2 ducks and 4 turkeys plus 3 humans through the summer.The birds also free ranged and commercial feed was supplemented. We picked up 9-12 eggs per day as long as we had 12 hour days. Artificial light MAY be used to extend the laying season. We will use a straw covered plot and drip irrigation to reduce water use this year. Hard squash and cabbage will be grown and stored, probably in a pit storage system under the house. Canning will be learned and utilized. I'm gonna grow one of those giant pumpkins this season. Fruit trees bear once in 5-7 years (I'm told) because of the late frosts (june 26) and this date makes getting started a challenge. I have salvaged lumber and windows for a large cold frame. The learning process continues. We will have a small stand to sell our excess, and we are planning for excess.

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