How Do I Grow Fruit Trees?

by Raj

I like to grow some fruit trees in my back yard and I am new in this field. I am a complete beginner and need help to get started!


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Sep 10, 2011
Books on the subject at hand
by: Anonymous

Before spending a penny on any nursery stock, read everything you can get your hands on. "5 acres and independence" by M.G, Kains, though not an organic reference, devotes many chapters to fruit tree spacing, soil requirements, pruning, and planting. This book does the same for cane fruits and berries, as well as grapes.

Another good read on the subject is Rodale's "Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening" first copyright 1959. (my copy 1999) with 1145 pages of organic growing information arranged in alphabetical order covering nearly 1,500 topics. Between these two references and another you choose you will have a base knowledge upon which to "grow" your orchard.

Be specific with setting your goals, and what kinds of fruit trees you want to grow. Remember peach trees can produce a good crop in as little as three years, apples may take 7 to 10 years,nut trees vary from 5 to 20 years to produce their crops.

Enjoy the journey

Apr 19, 2010
fruit tree stories
by: wendy

Hi Raj,here's a funny little story you might enjoy reading that just goes to show you some things are stranger than fiction when it comes to growing stuff,We not long bought a 250 acre farm that had been running sheep when we took a look at the fruit trees growing on the land just out the side of the house, only to find the one little pear tree we had, only grew a measley one pear on it.Just then a neighbour pulled in[ drove up] and sawnters over [came over]and says "you should give that pear tree a good hiding with a stick and it'll grow you more pears"So to cut a long story short after he had gone we got an old broom handle and belted the daylights out of that pear trees trunk,we laughed our heads off doing it too thinking how stupid it all seemed,any how low and behold that pear tree grew more pears than it could hold the next season and never stopped growing them every year since.And thats the honest truth.

Jan 13, 2010
Fruit tree selection
by: Jacki

Raj, you don't say if you're a completely novice gardener, or just have never grown fruit trees. I'll assume you know a little about growing, and know your climate zone.

Choose trees that will actually have long enough in your zone to produce fruit. In some areas, the flowers won't get pollinated as they bloom too early, and it's too cold. If you are in frost free zone, this isn't a problem, but make sure that the trees are suitable for your area.

Also, find varieties that don't get too big. In many cases, fruit trees are grafted on a root stock that reduces the size of the tree at maturity. Space your trees accordingly. Keep in mind that once the tree is bearing fruit, if it's too close to it's neighbors, it will be hard to move.

Prepare your soil, using amendments such as compost, and mix it in to the native soil. Make a much larger hole than you think you need so that the roots can move into the improved soil. Water well, at least for the first season until the trees are established. Good luck!

Meg,in your comment you had a link that was broken, just so you know!

Jan 12, 2010
Here's a great place to start...
by: Meg

Hi Raj
Here you'll find what you need to know to get started on growing fruit trees:

Best regards

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