How do you keep chickens safe from foxes

by Tony Clark
(Armadale W. Australia)

We have had many chickens killed by foxes over the years, but since we fox proofed our chicken pens, we have not lost any.

What did we do?
We added chicken wire on the ground, attached to the chicken wire walls of the chicken pen, stretching 60cm (2') out from the chicken pen fence.
Why did this work?
The foxes start to dig at the base of the fence. When they strike the wire, they can't dig there, so move to another spot. The wire is there also and the foxes cannot dig at the base of the fence. They could climb adjacent trees and jump in, but foxes are smart - they like to have an escape route. To be on the safe side, do not have chicken ens with overhanging trees, or add a chicken wire roof to keep birds and foxes out.
Kookaburras, Crows, and many other birds are carnivores and will kill chicks. Eagles can easily carry off chickens.

I hope this helps to keep your chickens safe.

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