How do you raise meat chickens????

by Erina
(Beaverton, US)

Why can commercial meat chickens normally grow their table weight around 7 weeks? Small farm or back yard chickens to grow will take twice longer than commercial chickens.

Do they use some growth hormones or steroid for commercial chickens? In the most famous chicken meat companies say that they will not use any growth hormones or steroid in their companies' mission or values. If they won't use those, how they can grow so faster than natural or small farm chickens?

Do chickens eat any fresh green vegetables? It is important to give Protein, Carbohydrates and calcium etc. Which kind of vegetables is the best for chickens? I am asking for meat and eggs, both. Do they eat raw green vegetables or cooked, prepared green vegetables?

If we go to Organic market as "Whole Foods", does this mean their meat took longer for growing than commercial meat?

What is the normal size for meat chicken and egg chicken? I know that it will be different on each chickens. I am asking as the average.

Please give your answer and instructions to my question. I really appreciate it.

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Sep 05, 2011
Farming Meat Chickens as a Business
by: Anonymous

Hi there

There's a pretty good guide available to learn how to farm meat chickens as a business. I found it useful. It covers just about everything you need to know.

Here's the link if your interested.

Jun 27, 2011
Disgusting to treat any being like that!
by: Caroline Blewitt

Well I've eaten my last "organic" chicken!

Paying 4xs the "normal" price to buy a poor bird that is constantly in "daylight" can't walk to enjoy life, they can keep them - I will alert all of my contacts to this barbaric practise

I can buy free range hens are they also kept awake abnormally? They do get to run around I know...

I'm in New Zealand where animals are treated so badly by the farming industry ( sow crates, no shelter in Winter , fed rubbish, I think I'll become a vegetarian again so I don't inflict suffering on the helpless.

A country is seen it is said, by the way they treat the elderly, animals and children.
We have the second highest rate of infant deaths due to abuse in the world and I'll suicide rather than go into the rest homes here.

Jun 27, 2011
Growing chickens fast
by: Marvin

Tyson developed a hybrid Cornish that will grow to 3 pounds in 14 days - Just one problem, their bones did not grow as fast as the meat they could not walk.

Bantams will weigh 3-5 pounds
Full size birds will weigh 5-12 pounds.

Marvin Shelley
Rural Real Estate Broker
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Jun 26, 2011
Natural Chicken Questions
by: Jeff Hamons

You had a lot of questions -- I'll try to answer some of them.

Commercial chicken farms use a variety of methods to grow their chickens very quickly. One is the breed. They use Cornish cross which grow very fast. They use very high protein food and they alter their internal clocks by manipulating the light in their environment.

Feeding chickens greens in ADDITION to grains is very healthy and beneficial to the chicken. Raising them free range or in pasture pens is the best way to accomplish this.

Synergistic Acres - Kansas City Natural Meat

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