How to Beat Codling Moth and Fruit Fly Organically!

by Gareth
(Stratford Upon Avon, UK)

Hopefully, I can help you !

Came across your site and felt compelled to let you know how easy it has proven to be for me this year to virtually eradicate the Codling Moth and Fruit Fly from my apple crops. I have five three year old apple trees which despite having many fruit last year (fifty or more per tree) were ruined almost completely by both pests. I ended up with less than ten good apples. This year, I've had the reverse .... more than fifty per tree and less than ten bad apples !

I chanced upon the following on a US website ....

I managed to find something similar in the Uk called Footsox and put them on when the apples were the size of a marble after thinning .... can't tell you how impressed I am .... a major success and not a chemical in sight. Best thing I did this season. You have to try it .... six hours of fiddling with nylon socks has given me over 250 large unblemished and delicious desert apples.

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