How to prune this apricot tree?

by Ivan

Hello dear fellow organic gardeners!

Last year I bought an estate with quite an amount of unattended fruit trees. Right after that, I packed tonnes of literature to learn fruit gardening. Pruning was my most feared topic :lol: This month i started pruning my trees, and although I am new at this, I managed to prune some older apple trees very well i think.
However, I am having problems deciding how to prune this particular apricot tree. Last spring it was quite small, and it seem it grew significantly since, almost double in height. Take a look at the pic.
To me, branches look overgrown in height. Also, their angle is too steep. As you see, it almost started to bloom and now is probably the last opportunity to prune it. My problem is, I am not sure how to do it, because of all this straight growth. I cannot just cut those tall branches in half, can I? Also, it seems to me this could be the first year for this tree to bear fruit! I really don't want to mess it up! :oops:
It would be great if someone could advise me here, or even better draw a few lines on my pic, and thus guide me where to make the cuts!

As a side note, i am very much interested in chem-free disease protection for my fruit trees. I am going to skip the copper-based products and try to treat it with nettle-based homemade "stew" as soon as nettles start thriving, hope that's not gonna be too late!
Thanks folks!

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