How to raise chickens from babies

I have got small chicks, i would like to know when i can switch them from baby food to big chicken food. I'm new at this so all the advice i can get would be greatly appreciated.


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May 11, 2010
Feeding and raising chickens
by: Anonymous

There is starter grower feed for baby chicks to start them and for them as they get bigger. There is a book called raising chickens that will give you the exact information about raising your own chickens, also back yard chickens is a good source. Also there is a book about keeping the vet away and having chickens. It is a good source learning about coccidiosis. It shows how to look for different pests and how to raise healthy chickens.

If you are going to introduce new chickens always do it at night and turn off the light in the coop it it is on. Also add more than one chicken at a time so that chicken will not get "picked on". Also if adding young chickens to an established group make sure the young chickens are completely feathered out, I usually add them at about 4 months. If you have hens that are "sitting" and get young chicks you can put these chicks under her, best to be done at night, and remove the eggs. The hen will adopt these chicks as her own. Currently I have two chickens sitting and both have hatched out chicks, One is a silkie, a wonderful mother and good hatcher. The other is a bantam mix, she has allowed my polish to share her box with her, she has 4 babies and still 3 eggs under her. I have never seen this before.

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