How To Use Oxygen in a Septic Tank Methane Generator

by Ron

I've heard you can digest more of the solids in a septic tank by drawing oxygen into the bottom of the septic tank and thus aerating it. So if you put a long pipe (Both ends of the pipe are open) that one end goes down to the bottom of a septic tank and another pipe that only goes into the air space in the top of the septic tank, will you be able to draw out any methane gas and if so, what percent concentration will you get?

The free ebooks on methane available here only talk about Anaerobic bacteria that works without oxygen, not about the aerobic bacteria that works with oxygen and if that bacteria will generate any methane or not. Using anaerobic bacteria without any oxygen leaves some organic humus behind that would build up in the septic tank over time and then would have to be cleaned out every so often. But injecting air into the bottom of a septic tank which will dissolve all of the solids by the oxygen bubbling up through it.

So I was hoping you might know of some one that could answer my question?


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Mar 02, 2015
Anerobic produces methane, Aerobic does not.
by: Tony Clark

If you wish to "activate" your digester, circulate the slurry, or circulate the methane, by pumping to the bottom of the digester. This will stop the slurry packing down and not working well.

Jan 02, 2013
by: clarasmithh001

Nice post…Thank you for sharing some good things.

Jan 13, 2010
anaerobic methane
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure whether or not an aerobic process will produce methane - I would think probably not. In any case,methane on its own is relatively inert,but when mixed with oxygen it becomes explosive.
Also, the compost produced by an anaerobic (digestor) system is high in nitrogen and therefore is a much higher quality plant food than 'ordinary' compost in which, with the exposure to air, the nitrogen breaks down to ammonia.

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