by Dawn Hunter
(Taos, NM)

I have been using Anasazi Gold Humate in my garden for the last several years and I am very pleased to hear the owners are seeking OMRI certification. I hate to bring up one product name but after alot of research I found Humate is somehow man-made in China; and some of the mines in the US are from salt water lakebeds; and Anasazi Gold is the only one I found from a fresh water lake bed; plus it is local to NM where I live. Despite the lack of OMRI certification, I always believed him when he told me it was 100% natural; he ate it himself straight from the mine and told me it was a safe mineral for plants, animals even human consumption. I thought to myself "what a freek." But he didn't die so it must be good!

Anyways, I have been very pleased knowing that my garden is 100% organic. I initially used the dry Humate and mixed it in with some locally harvested topsoil from the base of the mountain. The Humate is a dark, black mineral and mixes easily in the soil. I plant seeds directly into the soil; water- And voila! I say voila because sincerely not many of my seeds would not come out before. Apparently some people just use a handful of the dry Humate with the seeds; but most those with bigger gardens.

I make a tea from organic compost and add Anasazi Gold Liquid Humic Acid and a little dose of microbes to my tea for watering. I am so happy I really don't need anything other nutrients.

The first year I planted I noticed my stems and root systems were thick and hearty; and my yield was 1/3 higher than it used to be. the quality of my fruits are premium and taste delicious.

This winter my girlfriend gave me some trimmings of her house plants and I added just a little bit of the Humic Acid to the water and the roots grew quick, quickly. Making them easy to transplant (NICE!)

My daughter got so sick of me bragging about my garden and my new found love of Humate - I had her do a science fair project called 24-Hour Flower Power and she planted some daffodil bulbs in Humate and monitored them for 24 HOURS sure enough the plants in the Humate grew a little higher and also grew an new flower... She stopped her complaining...

Anyway, the owner of Anasazi Gold also gave me a sample of what he calls Fulvic Acid. He told me to use it during the flower cycle and last year my flowers were gorgeous. I can not wait to see what comes this year!

At the end of harvest I added a little more Humate to the soil. He says it gives the natural micro-organisms time to grow. He told me soil is supposed to be a living thing in and of itself; that Humate is a self-sustainable soil. This year I only used about half of what I had used in years prior - my soil was beautiful when I first turned it!

I am writing this because I talk to my father in Ohio and he has never heard of the stuff? I guess Ohio isn't too interested in organic fact I think it must be part of that Monsanto get-up because every year I go home the corn just gets taller and taller and planted closer and cloaser together in what I thought was already depleted soil. I just think Humate is incredible.

I think Humate is so special I want the world to know about it!

It was crazy during my daughter's research for her science fair project to find Humate was tested positive as a compound that would reduce radioactivity in nuclear sludge? I also learned if a pharmaceutical grade is ingested it detoxes a person's whole body from free radicals, toxins, and heavy metals; even combats viruses like herpes? Google it!

He told me it naturally detox the soil and would eat all the pesticides and chemicals on old, depleted farm land; like in Ohio; and eventually return it to what could be used as organic farm land. Wouldn't that be a dream! I'm thinking, "Maybe we really could heal the planet?"

Anyway, just thought I'd tell you my new love!
My garden is beautiful, my children are healthy and I am very happy - Blessings! DAWN

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