Inspiring Alternative Energy Project

by Antonnette
(Marico, North West, South Africa)

Are you complaining about energy costs while flicking the switch? Two artists in Groot Marico, using renewable and redundant materials to create their artwork, choose to work on alternative energy solutions.

They have built biogas systems, ram pumps, waterwheels and wind systems. They have built these essentially from scratch; mainly redundant, old, alternative and renewable stock was used. They have created a web page on renewables where they share their artwork, products and stories.
They were also involved in alternative/renewable energy supply on a farm nearby. Photovoltaic panels were used to produce electricity for the main house, three cottages and stables. Ram pumps were built to pump water to the tanks and stables. Horse manure was used in the biogas system for the stove and freezer.
They also built small waterwheels using old fixed magnet DC motors as generators, which deliver more power than the most expensive PV array.
Recently, they were also commissioned to build a wind generator for a weekend farmer. Work on this will be finished shortly and it will be the only wind generator in the Groot Marico Valley.
While I was with them I realized something. It is easy for the consumer to criticize the provider. My question is to the consumer: What are you doing about your situation except for flicking the switch and still complain?

By Antonnette Viljoen South Africa

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Sep 13, 2011
by: Keith (USA)

It occurs to me that if a ram pump system is set up properly, and crops or gardens arranged correctly, a person could pump water from a pond to a tank, when the tank reached it's full mark the excess water could then spill out to a water wheel that would turn a generator. The water then could be diverted either through a garden as irrigation, or allowed to flow directly back to the pond. Genius!! My hats off to these two gents.

Sep 13, 2010
re: Inspiring Alternative Energy Project
by: Anonymous

Cold you please let me have their web page address.

Thank you

Mar 04, 2010
Boi digesters and more
by: Anonymous

Wow, these guys know what they are doing! Keep the rest of us up to speed. Their web page are verrrry interesting. Have communicated with them already and they were very helpful.

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