Internet Business Model that Works:
Profitable Internet Business Ideas PLUS
A Legitimate Internet Business Platform

internet business model that works

Keen to start a legitimate internet business that makes money? A proven internet business model is needed PLUS profitable internet business ideas, if you hope to generate internet serious business income.

The internet is simply a different medium for global business. That means there are heaps of internet business ideas out there…. The different ways you can make money online are almost infinite!

And the great thing about making online income is that you can do it ANYWHERE... out on the farm, away on vacation, anywhere you can get an internet connection... very handy :)

So where and how do you narrow that down and make sense of it all so that you can find a legitimate internet business that suits you?

We’ll look at that in a moment, but let’s first have a quick overview of how any internet business works.

To Succeed on the Net You Need 1 or More of These 3 Things:

1. A product or service to sell.

With many proven and quick online money making strategies you don't even have to physically own real products to sell and profit from them.

But there are easy ways to get products to sell online as well…. These are readily available from all sorts of sources.

A well known one is Clickbank, where you can earn from 50% to 75% of the value of other people’s digital products when you sell them as an affiliate.

Or you could go to a Public Domain books resource where, for a small fee, you get to choose from heaps of free ebooks that are yours to sell - and keep 100% of the profit. Another good source are sites that sell ebooks with resell rights.

2. A Website.

Again, there are lots of alternative website hosting companies out there. The one you choose will depend a lot on the internet business model that you decide to have a go at. However, it is not enough to have a pretty website and lots of great products to sell. The lifeblood of any legitimate internet business is TRAFFIC, and lots of it.

3. Traffic.

If you don’t get heaps of traffic online, then you will not have an internet serious business that actually makes money for you. So how do you get it?

Well, the “quick and dirty” way is PPC (pay per click).

Basically you get search engines like Google or Yahoo to advertise your website and pay every time someone clicks on the ad. Only problem is, it can be very expensive, and as soon as you stop paying, the customers stop visiting.

The other way is to attract lots of visitors by creating lots of great content that answers their questions or solves their problems.

This internet business model takes time, admittedly, but eventually you’ll build up a solid following of free, organic traffic that doesn’t cost you a cent. And in the meantime you are creating virtual real estate in the form of a website business that is worth real dollars and just keeps getting better and more valuable as you add more great content.

How? Because, if you follow some simple guidelines for optimizing your website for the search engines (SEO) and use the right keywords, you’ll end up on page one of the search engine (e.g. Google search) results for lots of your pages and people will then be easily able to find you.

Check out the graph here to see how our traffic has steadily grown since we started this website:

internet business model

As you can see, between 100,000 and 150,000 people visit our site every month in the US alone. Pretty impressive huh? And this traffic costs us absolutely nothing!

We were complete internet marketing newbies when we started. So how did we do it?

By using a proven internet business model that not only includes full training and research tools for SEO, social marketing and much, much more - but also provides full hosting and an easy website building platform.