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This is the best introduction to ebusiness you'll ever get!

Our first foray into the world of ecommerce ebusiness web ventures cost us 2 years of wasted effort, and we've seen others spend tens of thousands of dollars with precious little results.

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Then we stumbled across an ecommerce ebusiness web hosting solution offering full ebusiness website development training, tools for ebusiness marketing commercial research and all essential ebusiness supplies, tools and software.

If you can turn on a computer you can do it too!

Wish someone had told us at the beginning how simple it really was to reap the benefits of ebusiness!


Graeme and I were both wage slaves – he was tied to a 7 day business, and I was working in sustainability related positions.

So we were pretty motivated to find alternative ways to be financially sustainable that would free us up to work on our small farm full time.

The internet looked like the ideal vehicle for small business ideas for farm living we started off by going along to several ecommerce ebusiness web seminars.

We got pretty fired up by all the sparkling success stories and were exposed to a staggering range of exciting possibilities. It all sounded so easy!

But there was one big catch…

...the whole show was geared to making you utterly dependant on the speakers and their very expensive mentoring and support packages. If there was a way of succeeding on your own, they certainly kept it to themselves!

Being wary and independent folks we decided to go off on our own and “have a go”.

Armed with lots of great ideas, we found cheap hosting, and paid for a plethora of ecommerce ebusiness web tools for market research, autoresponders, ebook security services and online advertising.

Then we sat back and waited for the money to come pouring in. Unfortunately the only way the money went was out!


We were cowed but not beaten by our first ecommerce ebusiness web failures.

Maybe there was something we’d missed?

So we stayed on a few email lists and kept listening to interviews by internet marketing gurus.

Then, one day we got lucky…

One of these gurus let slip his SECRET to early success on the net, joking that he NEVER mentioned it at his seminars. (After all, he had to keep us all dependent on him, right?)

The SECRET turned out to be the only, all-in-one, site-brainstorming-and-building-and-hosting-and-marketing, step-by-step system of tools for delivering thriving, profitable business.

... and so simple that anyone could do it.

So we checked it out and found the right process and tools to removing all the barriers and mysteries to succeeding on the net.

Now we are building a thriving ebusiness sharing our passion for sustainable living with others.

What are YOU passionate about?

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