Seven Uses for an Invisible Fence on Your Homestead 

Heaps of our neighbouring dog owners use invisible dog fences.  They are fast to put up, reliable and a lot cheaper than other alternatives. Electronic dog fences also allow the gate to be left open for vehicle movements without risking letting your dog out.  This article published in partnership with

Running a homestead and owning pets are both challenging but rewarding endeavors. With both, safety is always of the utmost importance. If you have pet dogs on your farm, special care must be taken to protect them and any other animals you have. Traditional fencing can keep them contained in your yard, but it doesn’t always do the best job. An invisible dog fence is an excellent alternative to traditional fencing, and there are many ways it can be used outdoors on your homestead. Let’s take a look at some of its uses and benefits.


Keep Digging Dogs Out of the Garden

Growing a garden takes lots of time and effort, and the literal fruits of your labor can be destroyed in moments by mischievous dogs. Your dogs might like to eat your plants or veggies, or they just might enjoy digging everything up. An electronic dog fence can offer excellent protection for your garden. It’s especially helpful in protecting against dogs who love to dig, because those dogs can easily figure out how to burrow underneath a traditional fence. The mild static shock of an e-collar, however, will stop your dogs from even getting close to the perimeter of your garden. An electric dog fence will ensure that your dogs don’t dig up your garden.


Separate Dogs and Livestock

If you raise goats, cows, or any other type of livestock, it may be necessary to keep your dogs apart from them. Depending on the animals, your dogs could be attacked or be the attackers. Unless your dogs are specially trained to herd livestock, there’s no need for them to be in the same area. An electric dog fence will separate your dogs from your livestock, which can make everyone safer and happier. Because livestock cannot wear e-collars, however, they will still be able to cross over the boundary wire. If you need help keeping your livestock contained in a specific area, a traditional fence may also be required.


Protect the Chicken Coop or Run

Chickens are animals that are in special need of protection from pet dogs. Many types of dogs enjoy chasing and “playing with” chickens, and this can lead to the chickens being accidentally injured or killed. Even if your dogs don’t harm your chickens, just their presence can stress your chickens out and disrupt their egg-laying patterns. Since your chickens won’t wander near your dogs, an electric fence for dogs is a great tool for protecting your chicken coop. You can enclose the coop and chicken run with a wired or wireless dog fence, and your chickens won’t be bothered by your dogs. If other outside predators are a concern, you may need additional fencing, such as chicken wire, netting, or a traditional fence.


Enclose Multiple Acres

One of the great things about an invisible dog fence is that it can enclose large areas. When you have a large farm or homestead, it can be expensive to place traditional fencing around the entire perimeter. With traditional fencing, you will be required to inspect the entire length after every storm to ensure there is no new damage that could allow your dogs to escape. An underground dog fence is protected from the elements and inexpensive, making it a great choice for multiple acres. The PetSafe YardMax can enclose up to 10 acres, and the Innotek dog fence review states it can enclose up to 25 acres. The SportDog SDF-100A electronic dog fence can offer protection for up to 100 acres of land.


Create a Safe and Secure Dog Zone

Perhaps the best way an electric fence for dogs can be used is to create a safe and secure “dog zone” that your dogs can feel belongs to them. On a large homestead with lots of things going on, it might be best to restrict your dogs to one area, rather than let them roam anywhere. It can also be easier that way, because it’s easier to create one dog zone than to block off several different areas of your farm. Your dogs will be happier knowing that area is just for them. Containing them can protect them from things like farm machinery, bodies of water, compost piles, and other hazards that might be on your homestead. Allowing them to run and explore their own area, rather than chain or cage them, is best for their physical and mental health.


Save Money Over Traditional Fencing

Enclosing your entire homestead with traditional fencing can be extremely expensive. Even a small yard can require thousands of dollars worth of traditional fencing plus labor. A DIY electric fence can save you thousands of dollars because the initial invisible fence cost is the only expense. The average underground dog fence will cost just $300, but the cost will increase slightly with every extra 500 feet of boundary wire you require. The best wireless dog fence can cost about $800, but it’ll be easier to install. Once your dog fence is put in, it will only cost about $2 per month in electricity to run. If you need to save money on your homestead without sacrificing the safety of your dogs or other animals, an electric dog fence is a great solution.


Use Solar Panels for Reliable Protection

Another way you can run an invisible dog fence is with solar panels. If you already use solar panels on your homestead, you’re all set, and your invisible fence won’t raise your electricity bill at all. Solar panels are excellent for backup power, too. Many electronic dog fences have backup batteries in case your electricity goes out, but not all do. Solar panels are also great for allowing you to run your electronic dog fence in an area that does not have a nearby power outlet. This allows you to create dog zones or exclusion zones anywhere on your property with ease.


Before you purchase an invisible dog fence for your homestead, be sure to compare fences to ensure you get the one that’s right for you, your dog, and your property. Wireless dog fence reviews and underground dog fence reviews are great for comparing the features and reliability of different fences. Manufacturer websites and customer insights can also help you if you any questions when choosing or installing a fence.