Just got the newest members to our farm ... piglets!

by Corinne Logan - Willows Edge Farm
(Bothell, WA)

The Fjord horses meeting the pigs.

The Fjord horses meeting the pigs.

I was raised on the farm from the time I was about 6. Although it was strange moving from the inner city out to places without paved roads, there was something alive and exciting about it.

Fast forward 30 some years later and my own little farm is now providing for our family...not only food, but financially as well.
And here is the latest addition for my dream - the piglets! We only got 2 to start with but oh my, how fun they are. Yes, they will eventually be food for our family as well as a few others hopefully. But for some reason (maybe having grown up that way), I can separate my love for them now, with them being breakfast later. I believe that the more we can love, nurture, care for our foods, the more they will provide us in the end. Love your site!

(Yes, if you're going to eat meat, then take responsibility and raise it yourself with love. Great pic too. Meg)

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