Methane Episode on Planet Green

by Guy

I caught the show Battleground Earth with Tommy Lee and Luda when they came to Dallas/Ft Worth. They went to the Fort Worth Stockyards and made a methane digester out of what seemed to be a very simple solution. From the looks of it they took a oval metal horse trough, large piece of strong clear plastic, a tarp and duct tape.

Basically they filled the through with 12" of manure, added water to create the slurry, and sealed the plastic and tarp over the top of the trough.

The trough that was actually used had plumbing added to it where Tommy and Luda's didn't have any. It would take a few weeks for the gas to be produced. For the sake of time in the show they simulated the creation of the tank, with one standing by that actually had gas in it.

At the end they actually started a gas grill that was connected to the trough plumbing where they cooked hotdogs and hamburgers.

Check out the episode and see what you gather.

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