New Bamboo Industry for Houston, Texas.

by Darwin
(Houston, Texas)

We need assistance in developing permaculture landscape design for a bamboo focused five acre farm. We have an established family business as an internet bamboo nursery and are now developing a model five acre bamboo farm near Houston, Texas.

Our objective is to develop a model business plan and permaculture landscape design that can be followed by Texas farmers (small farms that can produce income while improving land)

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Jul 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

i live in east tx what kind of assistance were you needing?

Oct 29, 2010
ABC of New Rural Industries Development
by: Meg

Hi Darwin

Here's a tried and true approach to new industries development (based on New Zealand's "Crops for Southlands" project).

Firstly, only embark in industries where desktop research suggests you have a clear comparative competitive advantage... What makes your area/conditions capable of producing bamboo products better/cheaper/more competitively than all your competitors? Is it water availability, cheap land, access to transport to markets, ability to supply niche markets e.g. organic, What???

Consider what resources are in your area... can another industry's waste product be your input? For example, are there feedlots with a manure waste disposal problem that could become your fertilizer supply solution?

I see you're interested in getting other farmers involved in your region. Good! Developing a critical mass of growers is crucial to success and provides

* market presence (most customers want a minimum supply level guaranteed, usually beyond the capacity of a single grower)

* negotiating power

* research funds via industry levy for continual improvement of competitiveness and efficiency

* Potential for shared plant/cooperative processing

Suggest you set up growing trials and refine growing methods, then have an open day/workshop for interested farmers - then sign them up and give them all some starter stock. Next step is sending a trial consignment of your product to your potential customers and take note of their feedback.

Refine, refine, and develop your industry from strength to strength.

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