by Robert Bradford

Of these the orchard is the lease portable. It is fenced to keep deer out. We feed the orchard with compost. To work the compost we added Faverolles to the compostables in the orchard. They turn, aeriate, fertilize, debug and till it. They are self duplicating. Small sections of the orchard (4X16') hold the compost while the chickens work it and are then gated off (which opens the bed next to it) to exclude them at planting time and it becomes garden for a growing season. Then it is time to open the gates, add compostables and the chickens go back to work. This is a win, win, win, win situation. The orchard, the compost, the chickens and the garden all win. I do less work, spend less money to feed the chickens and the soil. God gardens in His compost and composts in His garden. We should too!

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